Your Soulful Mompreneur Guide to Balancing Business and Babies

Are you a mompreneur balancing babies and business at the same time?

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So how is life like dealing with family matters and running a business all at once?

Stressful, exhausting, overwhelming?

Hey, as a mompreneur myself, I understand.

In fact, ask any mompreneur and she is likely to tell you that it has been the same way for her too.

You are not alone. Some days, it does get tough trying to establish balance in the midst of all the madness. Have you ever tried to do social media for your business or answering client questions while on the run fetching kids for their classes or rushing them to the clinic because they unexpectedly fell ill?  Your friends (other than the mompreneurs) probably have little clue about what truly goes on behind your facebook postings of a blissful home.

I remember the days when I was in the trenches changing diapers and having big dreams about becoming an entrepreneur. Now in their teens, my babies are not quite so young anymore. Still, those days seemed like they just happened yesterday.

I recall that life became…and now still is….crazy, messy, noisy, intense, dramatic and yet fun and joyful ever since my girls were born. Some of our issues were played out just like the ones you would read in the Baby Blues comics. If anything else, we were dysfunctionally normal.

Not long after, having left my banking job, I found myself tuning into an emptiness that I could not quite explain. After some soul searching, I realized that I did not want my life to simply revolve around my girls and husband. I needed something more out of life and building a business that would allow flexibile time and freedom as well sounded like a great idea.

Thereafter, I set about create a business that would raise the fulfillment index. Along the way, I decided that it has to have the elements of spirituality, passion, creativitiy, purpose and meaning. Also, it has to produce a great income through the inspired work that I create. In a word, it is abundance, isn’t it?

With so many factors, balance became key. Well, what do you know? I became ten times busier and more exhausted. There will be times when I wonder if I have given myself too much of a challenge. Which is why when I came upon this video, I had to laugh.

How nice it would be if we can be the supermom with all the cool moves and perfect hair!


We would be handling things without struggle or looking disheveled.

We would be calm Zen-like moms; getting our stubborn toddlers to eat brocolli or negotiating (and not yelling at) our rebellious teens to do their chores, while creating marketing funnels or preparing for our next product launch.

We would still be able to meditate with the famiy chores in chaos.

Well, I might have not done it all with ease and grace throughout my 10-year journey as a mompreneur. However, as I have discovered, it’s all very possible without going to pieces or giving up on your start-up. It’s how I had managed to make money from my business, even whilst tending my children through fever or stressful national exams.

Here’s what you don’t need or want for your start-up or work-from-home business…

More information overload when you are already overwhelmed with housework.

Focusing on ineffective strategies.

 More stress from trying to do everything on your own.

A breakdown from being overworked and underpaid!

Suffer alone!!

Instead, what you probably DO need are…

 A mindset that will support the balance and business breakthroughs that you are looking for.

Not only cope but thrive in wellness so that you can bring your start-up idea into fruition.

Be supported wth the right resources.

Be equipped with coping strategies.

Be free to pursue passion, spiritualy and purpose.

Be mentored or supported in your start-up journey.

Having the mindset, right resources and knowing what to do at the right time can save you lots of time, energy and heartache.

Which brings me to the point of writing this post…


Support for the Mompreneur

If you are a mom who wants it all: spirituality, success with your big entrepreneur dream, sassiness and to make money from a holistic business that is purposeful, I am with you.

I am with the mompreenurs, the mum bloggers, the creative moms, the mom writers and conscious mom business owners.

I am with the spiritual mompreneurs, the intuitives, healers and those in the transormational field.

spiritual mompreneur


I am with the heart-centered ones who want some meaningful adventure in their lives.

I am with you if you want to take celebrate the small wins along with the big ones.

I am with you if you want to plod every day putting things in place.


Do You Need Specific Support?

What specific assistance do you need in your new business?
Are you making money from the business that you love?
Are you having the success mindset of a mompreneur?

I’d like to have a chat with you.

Limited slots available, hence only applicants who are really interested in overcoming mompreneur blues, please apply.

Let’s celebrate Mompreneurs, Mothers and Make Money Multi-tasking Magic!

Share in the comments below on what it feels like to establish balance while creating the business that you love!


Love and Abundance Always,

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Sandra Pawula - May 2, 2017 Reply

I can barely stay afloat taking care of myself. I can’t imagine being a mompreneur! I admire your willingness and passion to blend these two fulfilling aspects of life.


Debbie L Hampton - May 2, 2017 Reply


What a great means of support for Mompreneurs. When my kids were little, I freelanced from home. It was very challenging to juggle everything. I sure would have appreciated helpful resources.

Thank you for offering these.


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