Why Vision Boards Fail? Avoid 7 Common Mistakes That Others Make!

“My vision board is the window to my dream life coming true.” – Life Vision Mastery

Charlie has watched “The Secret” movie and countless episodes of the Oprah show. He was inspired by the examples of those who have created vision boards and who have successfully manifested their dreams. And so he spent an entire weekend, painstakingly cutting and pasting pictures from magazines onto a board.

Why My Vision Board Fail to Work
(Image Credit: Min, my daughter, drew the character of the confused guy “Charlie”.)

Charlie managed to find images for them all: the dream car, the beautiful house by the beach, the lovely designer bags, the holiday in The Caribbean and a gorgeous looking person (who looks some famous Hollywood star) as a partner. After two hours or so, he completed his board. Charlie felt happy that he have done his part.

And so Charlie sat back to wait.

And he waited….and waited…and waited.

Days passed….months passed…..none of dreams materialized!

Charlie started to get impatient, anxious and eventually……

“Darn,” he cried out in frustration, “my vision board has failed to work!”

“Maybe all this stuff about the Law of Attraction is a load of bullshit,” he exclaimed.

Charlie’s dreams, once alive, now relegated to the dungeons.

His vision board lie in the trashcan or some long forgotten corner of his storeroom.

Has it Been the Same for You?

Does the above scenario sound familiar to you?

Have you been tearing your hair out in frustration?

What happened to the vision board that you have created and where is it right now?

Has your vision board failed miserably to help you with manifesting the outcome that you want?

What Is Really The Case?

Luckily, Charlie decides to seek for some help.

He calls up the dial-a-life-coach hotline.

Charlie (wailing in pain): I need to get my life sorted out but I cannot seem to get my vision board to work! Is the Law of Attraction real? Why is it not working for me?

Life Coach: Please calm down. I am here to help. Let us take a step back for some perspective: Can it really be there is no such law or that you have not applied the principles correctly?

Well, if you allow yourself to think clearly instead of being frustrated, you would remember what you already know about the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a law. It is a universal law which works all the time! It is no different from the laws of gravity or electricity.

Consider this example: If the light bulb does not come on after you flick its switch, what would you normally do? You would go change the light bulb or find out what has gone wrong. At the same time, you do not conclude that the laws to help generate electricity do not exist.

Charlie: Hey, that is a great example. What you have said is making a lot of sense. Tell me more, please?

Life Coach: Vision board is simply a tool. It is used to help you envision with greater clarity. However, if you have been manifesting more frustrating situations or outcomes that you do not want, then it is likely that you’ve not been applying or doing something right.

Charlie: What can I do to find out my mistake or oversight?

Life Coach: Go over to the article on the website Abundance Tapestry and first of all, find out which of the 7 common mistakes that you can be making regarding your vision board.

Charlie (feeling relieved): Great!

Life Coach: And……while you are there, check out the owner’s Life Vision Mastery Program which is about to be launched soon.

Charlie (brightening up): Thank you, I will do just that!!

7 Reasons Why Vision Boards Fail To Work

1. Too many pictures. A common tendency is to place as many pictures as possible into one single board. You want them all (I have seen this happening with a few of my workshop attendees who have found it hard to select and decide.)! The board can end up becoming too cluttered.

A vision board is a tool for the visioning process. Focused attention is needed. If there are too many pictures, it is hard to focus.

2. Not clear about what you want. When you are not clear about what you want, you send our conflicting signals. If the picture on your board is not what you want, you won’t be able to find the resonance within yourself. Since law of attraction is about “like attracting like”, confusion attracts more confusion.

3. Keeping the vision board in some obscure place. After its completion, where did you place your vision board? In the drawer? Under your desk? Behind the toilet door?

A vision board is best placed somewhere that is highly visible to you. You are, after all, hoping to create an imprint of the vision in your mind. You need to be able to see your vision board often. Hence, refrain from hiding it in an obscure corner.

If you are a student of energy or quantum mechanics, consider the elements of Feng Shui too. Thus, avoid put your vision board in the restroom where the toilet is. Unless you are thinking of flushing down your dreams, it is about one of the worst places that you can put up your board.

4. Lack of association. Are you seeing yourself in the vision board? Or are you viewing your dream from the point of an observer?

When visioning, you need to see yourself in the dream of having all the things you want. Having a photograph or a self portrait on the same board can help build association. The more you can associate yourself the picture on your vision board, the greater your ability to bring it forward.

5. Having internal issues. Can the real reason be because of your self doubt, worry, or your inability to be open to receiving abundance? Can it be that you are sabotaging your own chances of success?

Take a look at the beliefs you are holding. If you have low self-esteem, you are likely to believe that you are not deserving. You cannot imagine yourself as worthy of receiving any gifts or miracles. You will need to address the beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting success and abundance.

6. No action on your part. So you have been expecting your dreams to manifest without doing anything, aye? That is not going to happen. To activate your board, you need to follow up with inspired aligned actions (Check out the Life Vision Mastery Program for more explanations!)

7. Not sharing your vision. You fear ridicule and so you have been keeping things a secret. This may be a wise move especially if your own family and friends are generally not supportive. You don’t want to have your dreams killed by naysayers.

However, if your dream is a big one and impacts the world at large, you may want to garner the support of people who could be aligned. This group of people do not necessarily have to be working on the same dream. Wha4’s more important is that they are able to lend energetic support to your vision. They may be just be the ones who have the ability to send you the resources that you need for your vision to come true.

How to Create a More Effective Vision Board

law of attraction: joy You may be thinking, “so how can I create a more effective or powerful vision board”?

(Picture left: Another drawing made by Min.)

Well, in addition to the above 7 tips, there is a lot more that you can do. Very importantly, it is about how to put all the elements together – from the study of quantum mechanics, to using Law of Attraction, to understanding mind programming, harnessing of our inner creative power and entrusting our vision ultimately to the divine. You can find all the details in the Life Vision Board Mastery Program.

Free Gifts

If you have not downloaded your free gifts (an Abundance Vision Guided Visualization MP3 and a Report on Creating Vision Boards), please register here right away!

To your visioning success,
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Rev. Mary Madeline Day - July 9, 2012 Reply

Thank you Evelyn!
This was in perfect timing. A few of my friends and I are making vision boards tomorrow and your post was sent from heaven. Great points, some new and some a reminder. This is an extremely valuable post to me. Again thank you.
I look forward to your new launch of your “Life Vision Board Mastery Program”. Wishing you great luck. =)




Evelyn Reply:

Hi Rev Madeline,

I am so happy to know that this post could not have been published at a better time. It’s great that you and your friends are making a vision board. Hope all of you have lots of fun sharing your dreams and vision together.

Love and abundance always,


rob white - July 9, 2012 Reply

That’s a good one Evelyn. No amount of self help syrup will make our dreams come true unless we learn how to strip away the layers of lies
that stop us from succeeding. I have learned that before I can defeat that which is defeating me, out there in the world, I must defeat that which is defeating my naturally curious and ambitious mind. A vision board is only worth the cardboard it is pasted on if thoughts of inadequacy and feelings of lack are holding you back!


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Rob,

How powerful you have put it: that a vision board is just a cardboard if we are still having thoughts of inadequacy holding us back! Well said! And yes, I have also found that our greatest enemy exist in our minds.

Love and abundance always,


Vidya Sury - July 10, 2012 Reply

🙂 What an enjoyable post with a great message, Evelyn! Please tell Min I loved the illustrations. Very well done!

Congratulations on the forthcoming launch of the Life Vision Board Mastery Program!

Love, Vidya


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Vidya,

I will surely tell that to Min. It will help boost her confidence 🙂

Thank you for your well-wishes and support,


Stacy - July 10, 2012 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

Your daughter is extremely talented! You should both be very proud. 🙂

The seven points that you shared are so important. I’m inspired to create a new board for myself. It’s been almost two years since I created one and it’s tucked away in my journal. Needless to say I don’t see enough to make any kind of real impact.

Belief is really important because any sort of doubt or worry will send mixed messages and like in your example of Charlie the doubt or worry is what will come back to us. Another thing that I think is important is that on top of believing we must also be excited.

Congratulations on your launch! Very exciting!


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Stacy,

Thank you for your kind feedback. I hope to encourage my daughter to be more courageous in showing her drawings. They don’t have to be perfect. Drawings that inspire, heal, bring us joy or deliver a message are not meant to be kept in the drawer or thrown away in the trashcan.

I would encourage you to make a new one, if the old vision board is not making a real impact. And yes, I absolutely agree about belief and feeling the excitement.

Thank you for your support. I wish you much success with your new vision board!

Love and abundance always,


Marcel Vitti - July 11, 2012 Reply

Great post Evelyn
AS U know, we want everything and at once.
But that’s too depends on the person, some want and will try to get it, some even wont try


Carol Merlo, M.Ed. - July 11, 2012 Reply

Thanks for the terrific post. I appreciate how well you are sharing on Facebook, as well!


Marita Steffe - July 25, 2012 Reply

Thanks for the post, it is very interesting indeed. I love to work with vision boards, it’s my tool to stay on focus and my favorite creative activity. The only thing I disagree with is “too many pictures”, I normally like to do very layered vision boards, so they look like pieces of art, but I normally use lots of images, anyway just my input, I agree that the focus is important.
Thanks again!


pratik - August 5, 2012 Reply

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Jovito - May 21, 2014 Reply

Hi Evelyn!

This is a great blessing for me. I am on the way in creating my dream board. Actually I started it 3 days ago but ’till now is not finish yet. Why because I heard a voice in my mind that saying… “that is impossible”. Just to make it clear I look up to the internet about dream board how to make it. Suddenly, just right now I saw your post Why Vision Boards Fail? It gives me a clear picture what should I do, where do I place it and many more.

Thanks more power!


Beulah - September 8, 2014 Reply

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