Your Money Magnet Success Blueprint Program

Dear Abundance Seeker (Coach / Healer / Conscious Individual / Spiritual Entrepreneur),

What will it mean for you to be able to stand in your own power and from that level of being, confidently attract what you desire?

How would you feel if you gain the know-how to manifest a money breakthrough amount, one that will help you get rid of the struggle that you are in right now

How would you like to be able to attract wealth and yet do it in a way that is congruent with your spiritual values? 

You are invited on an Abundance Alchemy Journey with me. Let's work on manifesting the breakthrough amount or goal that you desire, drawing on universal principles....

money magnet success blueprint

Revealed: The Exact REASON Why Manifesting A Breakthrough Feels Like Hard Work And Struggle For So Many

You KNOW the feeling.

It starts off as a slight disappointment. Then it’s a feeling of frustation. It quickly descends into desperation, draining every ounze of energy in your life.

From just a single thought of not having enough money, you become inflicted with emotional pain. Thought after thought is on how unfair things are, how hard you have been working, how you are never going to be good enough and that you not getting the results that you deserve.

And soon, you are focusing on all the things you are NOT having.

Money triggers present themselves every waking moment…

- You look at your credit card bill and you observe a discomforting knot in your stomach.

- Your heart aches from deciding that changing your old underwear can wait till you earn more money.

- Longing sets in when your facebook feed is showing up pictures and evidence of how well others are doing.

The struggle that you feel is making you feel disempowered.

Here’s why there could be a disconnect for you. Spiritual guides, teachers and experts have been telling you that the universe is full of abundance and as a powerful co-creator, you have the ability to attract abundance with ease and grace. Including manifesting money. And you’d like to believe this. And so you have been diligently expressing gratitude, repeating positive affirmations and sharing inspirtional quotes on Facebook.

Yet, you are merely "getting by" even as you try to do your best to apply what you have learnt or even meditate your way through it. You are putting in a lot of effort for the results that you are getting. In a nutshell, you are finding it difficult to manifest the financial abundance that is supposed to be spiritually available to you.

It’s even worse now that you have decided against going back to corporate life and to build the conscious business that you love. Entrepreneurship has brought on a whole set of financial worry for you. Not when you also hate putting yourself out there or having to do sales and marketing. You are ready to give up your business altogether. 

You are Not Feeling Confident that you can ever be this powerful manifestor of money and abundance. And so, you are feeling the stark contrast between spirituality and physical reality.

Your questions are:

- Where is the abundance that you ought to be experiencing?

- Where is the money or the clients that you should be attracting with ease and grace?

- Why do you have to work so hard or struggle to even just get by?

If anything, you are feeling stuck and wondering how to proceed.

Why You are In Physical Struggle

Welcome to Planet Earth! 
Where your soul has chosen to incarnate.

Perhaps, you could have forgotten to read the fine print before incarnation. And the fine print is this: that you have to work with time-space constaints.

So, here you are, having to play with the rules of “perceived scarcity” while trying your level best to align with soul abundance.

Indeed, the divine truth is that you are abundant. At the soul-level.

Where you are stuck at is rooted in your human experience. You are having money blocks. Money is something that has to be handled at the physical level. The challenge is being able to draw on spiritual laws of abundance for manifestation at the physical level.

One big challenge arises from having an ego to contend with. It’s putting you up in resistance to change. Even if the change is good for you.

Your ego is trained to reject the unfamiliar. When you are moving into change, you are going into unknown territory. Your ego wants to keep you safe. It minimizes uncertainty because who wants to wake up every morning and figure out new ways of driving the same car?

You can’t just will yourself through when you are stuck in resistance. Not when you are having negative thoughts and feelings in your relationship with money.

As what I have discovered, you will need to first work on your emotions before integrating a new set of beliefs so that you can get into action. It is when you embody the vibratonal state of the results that you are wanting that a physical change in your outcomes take place.

In short, the entire manifestation process involves all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It sounds like it takes a lot of effort but what’s great is that you do not have to wait for years for change to happen.

Join me on a journey of alchemy: where you manifest the gold of spirirtual truths into physical reality.

The gate swings open when you take action now.


Be the Spiritual and Financial Success

that You are Meant to Be!

During the journey, we will be looking at how you have been relating to money, success, business and relationships.

Here's a vision of what's possible as a result of taking the Journey...

– Success

Feeling a sense of accomplishment from having shattered the glass ceiling that you have imposed on yourself;

– Empowerment.

Feeling empowered from owning the creative ability of your Money Magnet in reaching your highest potential;

– Freedom.

Feeling free to pursue success from clearing money blocks or any limiting beliefs;

– Confidence.

Experiencing confidence from letting go of any form of resistances to stepping up to a bigger game in the coaching/healing/intuitive/conscious work that you love.

– Fulfillment.

Feeling fulfilled from being able to attract ideal clients that you’d like to work with.

– Abundance.

Feeling expansive as you are no longer in the scarcity paradigm that makes you feel poor, miserable or lacking.

Finally, claim the breakthrough amount that has been waiting in your universal escrow account. Just like what my clients (view video testimonials below) have done.

Consciously, manifest the work and life that you’d love to have, while making making more than enough instead of “just getting by”.

Ultimately, own the Success Blueprint to integrating your financial and spiritual lives together.

What Courageous Abundance Alchemists have to say...

How Elmer went from inconsistent performance to hitting 80% of his money goal in 10 weeks...

How Rita went from struggle to spiritual empowerment and rebirth in 10 weeks...

How Kristin Astourian is Manifesting with Ease...and 
an Unexpected $10K bonus...

In the Abundance Alchemy: Money Magnet Success Mentorship Class, discover the following

How you can claim the breakthrough amount in the work or business that you love (in case you’ve been wondering, it’s been waiting for you in the universal escrow account) with a proven money map blueprint.

Activate your money magnet ability after confronting your Money Gremlin (the “tiny pesky” voice inside your head).

What you have missing in activating the Law of Attraction in your favour.

Clear your money blocks or anything that is standing in your way of manifesting the breakthrough amount, once and for all. We will be using meridian tapping to address what your subconscious blocks are.

Transform the money story of lack and limitation that you keep telling yourself to one on passion, power and profitability.

Make money mindset shifts that will support you in your growth.

Sharpen your visioning skills to bringing your dream forward.

It does not matter where you reside…so long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can attend! 

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What Other Abundance Alchemists Are Saying....

After signing up for her program and with the tools that she has provided, I have seen a significant improvement within me. I have been feeling calmer, more grounded. I have the tools to keep my energy up and I feel much easier to manifest what I would like in my life.

Seniha Omurdenal
Professional, U.S.

When I first came to her, I had so many issues around money, around deserving…deserving the job I love and having the career I love. But, with Evelyn’s help, I cleared so many of my limiting beliefs and trauma that I cannot even describe how much I have cleared. These very deep-seated issues that I thought they would never go away had just magically gone away.

Roshni Dominic

I highly recommend any of the work that Evelyn does. It has been an absolute privilege to work with her.

Julie Cumming

What You Will be Covering

Star Modules

Module 1: Upgrade to a Prosperity Paradigm

Step: Awaken Your Awareness

  • Upgrade to a prosperity paradigm with increased consciousness. Discover how being trapped by money beliefs at the subconscious can cause you to be stuck. Learn how to better transform your relationship with money when you understand key concepts.
  • Identify what are the beliefs in your subconscious that are stopping you from having a money breakthrough. It’s not just what lies in your conscious but your subconscious mind. Bust these HIDDEN money beliefs to shift from poverty paradigm to prosperity paradigm. Discover the positive beliefs that will help you attract money.
  • Find out what is the MISSING SECRET and why the Law of Attraction has not worked for you nearly enough. Learn how to work in harmony with the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws. When you live in accordance to Universal Laws, you work with much less struggle.
  • Understand money as energy. Be able to harness energy when you increase the level of your awareness.

Module 2: Send a Direct Line to the Universe

Step: Activate Your Intention

  • Gain clarity about the difference between the energy of an intention versus a goal. Clear intentions offer targeted signals to the Universe. You manifest what you want, instead of getting mixed results or what you do not want. Once you have a clearer idea about what the distinctions are, you get to work!
  • Set aside the opinions of others and find the confidence to go for your dream. No longer let what others say obstruct you in your money attraction path.
  • Find out why it has not happened yet for you. Learn how you can speed up the manifesting process.

Module 3: Map to Money for Attraction

Step: Attend to Healing

  • This is the DEEP DIVE. We get together to clear money blocks at the subconscious level. Remove what is standing in the way of you achieving financial abundance. Use the 7 Map-to-Money framework in a blueprint that you can refer to over and over again even after this program.
  • Release. Do tapping and release exercises. R?elease the emotional charge to your body story and reset your body’s energy system.
  • Repair. Work on repairing childhood wounds. Repair money leaks and blocks at the energetic level.
  • Reprogram. Reprogram with positive affirmations. Reprogram positive beliefs at the cellular level.
  • Renew. Renew your relationship with yourself and money. Integrate an entire shift in being for attracting abundance.

Module 4: Step Into Your Empowered Vision

Step: Amplify Your Vision

Harness and sharpen visioning techniques. This is the crucial step for imprinting your growth points and the vision that you desire. Undertake this step? with guidance for best results!

  • Work on visioning even if you have little or no clear idea on the “how” to get to your result.
  • Work on getting past your comfort zone so that you can shift into expansion.
  • Draw a sharper image of your future self. Step into the entire being of your potential.
  • Beam your request to the Universe. Let the Universe know exactly what you desire.

Module 5: Bring On the Physical Manifestation

Step: Align with Actions

  • FOLLOWING THROUGH is such a critical step. You translate what is at the metaphysical layer to the physical layer. The entire transaction has to be completed. Nothing is going to shift if you don’t follow through with actions. And not just any actions. They are actions that are inspired and aligned. Get beyond the discomfort zone.
  • Undertake aligned actions and not actions that derail your path.
  • How to take new actions that will draw the experience that you would like to manifest.
  • Commit to the discipline of taking expansive actions.

Still need more convincing? May I remind you on this…

It is already scientifically proven that when you master your mindset, everything changes. Everything.

It has been proven for thousands of years:

If you can master how to direct your mind towards abundance, you can create anything you want. 

And it works on everything: your financial abundance, your business or career, your relationship, where you live, your health, your wellbeing. Everything.

I am still unsure why you would want to allow beliefs such as "money does not grow on trees", "money is the root of all evils" or that "you cannot be rich and spiritual at the same time" limit or hold you back from leading your best life. 

I can tell you this from experience. It took me more than 7 years in a personal growth journey, which involved changing the relationship that I had with myself, money and the people around. It’s an entirely new mindset and consciousness that I have built. I used to play small but now......

I have the MISSION of INSPIRING 10,000 Conscious Beings such as yourself undertake a JOURNEY OF ALCHEMY. 

But it’s not about me here.

…and the good news is you don’t have to spend tens and thousands of dollars or pay $10K for a single coach alone (and it was not even private coaching) like what I had done.

You’d discover that all the top entrepreneurs from Richard Branson to Tony Robbins or Brendon Burchard are going to tell you the same thing: success starts with your mindset. In fact, if I may add, it is your entire consciousness that includes your beliefs, attitude, your magnetic aura, your whole state of being.

Sally just went into her third business venture and ended up with the same issues that caused her first two ventures to fail.

If you don’t sort this out, you are just going to hit block after block. It does not matter what you do. You may go from one business idea to the next….or hop from one job to another…..but the same negative patterns are still going to surface.

Lorraine, whom I had a chat with, confessed that no matter how many business classes she took to help her in her various business ideas, they all failed to take off.

Maggie, a subscriber to my newsletter, revealed that her beliefs had been affecting her health so much that she could not work for 3 years.

And so, what else is stopping you from mastering the manifesting power of your Money Magnet?

You’ve waited long enough. Success rewards action takers. Give yourself the best chance of success!

What You Can Expect From this Integrated
(Healing/Coaching/Mentorship) Program

10 Weeks of Mentorship

  • Done-for-You Starter Homework Worksheets
  • Two 45-Minute Personal Coaching Cum-Healing Sessions
  • Four Group Calls for Q&A
  • Weekly Homework for 10 Weeks
  • Alignment and Visioning Exercises
  • Private FB Group Support

group online course

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PRE-COURSE WEEK: Sept 11-Sept 15, 2017
OFFICIAL START DATE: September 19, 2017

Interested but have questions to ask?

Apply for a 30 minute complimentary ATTRACTION MINDSET CLARITY Session
to find out more about the Program Starting September 12, 2017.

So What is The Difference between The Money Magnet Success Program Compared to Others?

You’d probably be wondering about what I have to offer and that is different from others.

Admittedly, there are tons of programs out there and you may be unclear about which one to choose.

Well, what is unique about mine is that I am covering the following:

  • This is not just a DIY self-study course. It comes with mentorship with weekly homework assignments. 
  • The program is a complete starter transformational course whereby you learn the tools, resources and guides for manifestation and designing your best life. 
  • You also get two individual 45-minute coaching cum healing sessions. We are accessing energy holograms to clear money blocks. But hey, if you want some basic business coaching advice, you can use these sessions for them too.
  • More than 10 audio coaching downloads.
  • A framework for healing money blocks that you can apply, even after this program is over.
  • Group energy healing calls whereby you draw on shared consciousness to clear your own issues. 

I am offering my guided group program, teaching you all that I have learnt in the last 7 years to design this program for you. It is a program that has already been PROVEN to work. View the testimonials here.

I’m also including channeled insights in my program as well. If you don’t know this by now, I am also an intuitive. I don’t know exactly what the divine messages are right now that I am to offer but I bet, they will be just perfect for the group when the time comes.

I would like to create a win-win situation. I am willing to invest my time to helping you create your desired change, if you are interested to step up with me. Obviously, I can’t do this alone. You must want it as much as I do for you. 

Paul Dee Janes Review of Money Magnet Success Program


Apply for a 30-minute Attraction Mindset Clarity Session?. ???

My Assurance: It's not going to cost you an arm and a leg.
Packages below $1K and installment plans are available.

More about Me (Your Coach)

Evelyn Lim is the creator of the Money Magnet Success program. She is an Money Magnet Mindset Mentor and Abundance Coach.

Evelyn is passionate about helping others integrate their financial and spiritual lives, so that they can build a life of their dreams. She specializes in assisting women entrepreneurs and professionals transform the relationship they have with money. She facilitates a transformational process so that her clients can attract the breakthroughs that they deserve.

Evelyn has been very grateful to work with clients online from many parts of the world; especially Australia, US and UK. She celebrates her client success whenever they report to achieving a breakthrough in their situation.

Evelyn Lim is also an author and creator of products that have been downloaded by thousands of clients online worldwide. Besides her own books, she is also co-author to books featuring Marianne Williamson, Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Brian Tracy etc.

Evelyn Lim is an accredited EFT Practitioner with the AAMET, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Certified Executive Enneagram Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and a Vision Board Counselor. She is passionate about helping women integrate their financial and spiritual lives in a way that is empowered, integrated and holistic. Her strength lies in assisting her clients with releasing emotional disruptions, reprograming the mind with positive affirmations and aligning with purpose.

Evelyn’s website has consistently been ranked amongst the top 100 in the personal development world by others for more than 4 consecutive years.

The information offered in the Money Magnet Success Program is to help you in your quest for emotional, mental and spiritual well being. While previous participants have reported breakthroughs from this program, do not automatically assume that future results will be equal to past success. No guarantee is being made for your individual performance.

You agree to assume personal responsibility for your own success and growth. However, what you can reasonably expect from this program is learning how to apply powerful tools and techniques for improving vibrational alignment with your goals.