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Hi there,

Are you in any of the following situations: 

Struggling with achieving an income breakthrough?

Can’t get your start-up business off the ground?

Can’t seem to attract paying clients for your services?

Facing challenges with marketing your services because you hate sounding pushy?

Feeling stuck due to invisible glass ceiling that you can’t seem to shatter?

Have issues in self-worth, self-esteem and self-love?

Can’t seem to get rid of your beliefs in scarcity, lack and poverty?

Would Like to transform other areas of your life such as love, relationships, etc?

Perhaps, you already had been searching for a long time for answers to overcoming your life challenges.

You have tried various strategies or tactics but could not achieve the outcome that you are looking for.

Well, if you have questions on how to manifest abundance with a lot more ease, 
then you could possibly find what you are looking for on my site.

My vision is to help those who are struggling with mental and emotional stress overcome their deep-rooted challenges in a way that is effective.
As a coach, healer and entrepreneur, I would like to offer my assistance.


It is great to have you here on my site.

I would like to be able to share my insights for transforming mental and emotional mindsets, so that you can start to have the life and success you desire.

When you are in fear, it is difficult to be in a state of love.

Yet, love is the highest vibrational state to be in when you want to attract your dreams and vision into fruition.

Love is also the currency that runs along all relationships.

Thus, I hope to inspire a shift in your mental and emotional state, so that you can start to improve the relationships that you have with everything.

Including a better relationship with money.

Oh yes, money is an energy and it is possible to find breakthroughs in this life area too!

As it is an area that many of my clients have issues on, I have chosen to pay special attention here. I have helped them find breakthroughs where they have been stuck.

Nonetheless, whether or not you are running a business or whether or not you are seeking out money-making opportunities, you can’t afford not to shine in your own right.

It is even more crucial in today’s world for successful living.

It will be great to experience life fully – achieving a work-life balance that is also holistic and spiritual.

In a word, it’s abundance, isn’t it?

All in all, I hope to share tips and insights on how everything – including money – is a form of energy and how you can better improve your relationships with all and with yourself….so that ultimately, you can achieve the breakthrough shift or transformation that you are hoping for.


“Love is the currency that runs along all your relationships –  from be it a relationship with your spouse, loved ones, success….and also money. So your task is to transform these relationships and most of all, transform the relationship you have with yourself by applying self-love mastery.



“I love working with Evelyn because I received lots of new insights into healing my past, even on events that I have already been doing lots of healing work on.”
Bingz HuangEnergy Healer, Singapore, http://www.bingzhealinghands.me
“I highly recommend any of the work that Evelyn does. It has been an absolute privilege to work with her.”
Julie CummingAustralia, http://www.hatchproperty.com.au
“I went from feeling desperate, anxious and miserable to manifesting an ideal job with a 33% pay jump just within 2 weeks of working with Evelyn. I am feeling more confident and aware about my potential than ever before.”
Susan LoganHR Manager, United States

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Encountering self-doubt that you can’t seem to overcome about reaching your goals?

Can’t make your first US$5,000?

Hit a glass ceiling with your income?

Would like to take your business to the next step but held back by your limiting beliefs?

Having a poor relationship with yourself or someone else? 


No matter what stage of growth you’re in, there is always another obstacle to tackle.

After all, you are on a journey of evolution and becoming a better version of yourself at every step of the way. 

Well, I would like to help you bridge the mental and emotional gap between where you are now and where you want to be.


“Let yourself be guided by a heart-centered coach who supports you in your dreams!”

Additionally, I am interested in helping you if you have newly started a coaching or healing business or have issues with getting your business off the ground. I would like to help you with a roadmap to creating the mindset for abundance and business success, so that you can truly enjoy the work that you do and find greater freedom, fulfilment and fun! 


Whether you need help with attracting your vision, making a money breakthrough or setting yourself free from struggle and stress, I hope to be of assistance.

“Until you have taken new action, you haven’t truly decided.

Action is needed to drive your decision into

physical manifestation and to effect real changes.”


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Abundance Always,

Coach for Conscious for Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs and Heart-centered Individuals



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