Abundance Life Coaching

Ready to take on Abundance Life Coaching?

If you would like to work on releasing a poverty or scarcity mindset, Abundance Life Coaching is for you. Click below on one of the options for a session together right away! 

Abundance Life Coaching helps you to remove blocks to manifesting your dreams such as clients, business success, relationships or simply greater happiness, freedom and fulfilment in life. Here’s what you will gain

* Confidence to achieve your fullest potential
* Own your manifesting power
* Claim on your abundance escrow account by shifting into a place of deservingness and worthiness
* Create a roadmap to success with resources and tools to help you in your journey.

Largely, you improve the relationship that you have with everything around you…be it money, spouse, business, success, etc.

In short, you work on improving your inner state of abundance to manifest a better set of external outcomes.

I would love to be able to support you in this process. I’d like not to just offer healing but coaching you with how you can realign yourself more powerfully.  Also, I’d like you to make the decision to step up now.

You see….waiting for the right time serves no one. NO ONE AT ALL.  The longer you wait, the longer you live your life as it is now, rather than as what it could be.

If you are feeling held back by money or fear, know that these are precisely the reasons why you need to have a abundance mindset breakthrough.

Maybe you’re thinking: “I can’t afford an abundance coach!”  Well, ask yourself if it is also costing you to stay stuck. In stress?  In displaced anger?  In potential income?  Know this: having a scarcity mindset can prevent you from moving forward and having the life you deserve!

Well, things changed overnight for me the moment I decided to invest in my own growth. I was able to accelerate my growth a lot more quickly. So, yes…investing in coaches and healers were worth it! Because I made much more than what I had put in.

If I may say….The world needs YOU to step up.  You are meant to shine, not stay small! The world needs your light and love. You have a lot to offer in your unique gifts, qualities and strengths. Your purpose is to inspire others by leading the way. And you can do it best by breaking free of your own limitations, be the potential that you can be and create the life of abundance that you so deserve!

Abundance Life Coaching Formula for Success

We achieve our goals in a 3-step Abundance Attraction Breakthrough process…

1. Release Limiting Energy Patterns and Blocks
2. Reintegrate a New Set of Beliefs at the Cellular Level
3. Reimprint with an Empowering Abundance Story

What will be helpful for you to know is that it is possible to manifest results in a relatively shorter period of time, than if you are to do this on your own. It’s possible to break patterns that you had been stuck in for years. I have worked with enough women to know that life can look magically different, if you are ready to commit to your personal growth and soul evolution.

While I offer Abundance Life Coaching for women mainly, I also work with brave men who are also looking for breakthroughs. Here are three options for 1:1 sessions…

Option 1: One 60-minute Abundance Life Coaching session over Skype
Option 2: Custom Packages
Option 3: In-Person Sessions in Singapore

Option 1: 60-minute Abundance Life Coaching Session

We meet online. Online platforms over Skype, FB Messenger or Zoom.
We address your issue, overcome your limiting belief pattern and imprint a more empowering vision going forward.

One or more modalities that could be used: Emotional Freedom Technique, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Matrix Reimprinting, Kundalini Reiki, Akashic Soul Clearing.

One 60-min Abundance Life Coaching Session

Option 2: Custom Abundance Alchemy Life Coaching Packages

Need more than one abundance life coaching session? Get reduced pricing for custom packages. Packages start from below US$500.
Would like to get your start-up off the ground and need some business coaching advice?
Let’s discuss your needs. Apply for a 30-min complimentary clarity session here.


Option 3: In-Person Abundance Life Coaching Sessions in Singapore

Prefer in-person Abundance Life Coaching and Healing? Are you resident in Singapore?
We meet at a healing center located just next to the lush Singapore Botanic Gardens, for sessions to deal with your abundance blocks.
The healing center is located just 1 min walking distance from the Singapore Botanic Gardens MRT stop.
Contact me for S$ packages.

I look forward to connecting with you,
Evelyn Lim

Abundance Life Coach for Women