68 Seconds Of Pure Thought: Visualize In 4 Creative Ways

68 seconds of pure thought
Min, my younger daughter, engaged in 68 seconds of pure thought?

In a previous post, I’ve explained how it takes just 17 seconds of focused and pure thought to bring about manifestations. I first learned this concept from Jose Silva while studying The Silva Method. Subsequently, I found out how 17 seconds can be expanded to 68 seconds to create a bigger miracle from Esther Hicks while watching the DVD on Introducing Abraham – The Secret Behind “The Secret”.

Well, you are in luck! I just chanced upon the part that explained the concept of creating a miracle in 68 seconds by Esther Hicks in a Youtube video. Here it is…

How Thought Creates A Major Miracle

In a nutshell,

A block of 17 seconds generates an energy expansion equivalent to 2,000 action hours and results in the creation of a mini miracle.

Pure Thought
Energy Expansion (Action Hours)
Mini Miracle
Medium Miracle
Large Miracle
Major Miracle

Remember the key is to have pure thought; that is a thought with absolutely clear intent. It means that you do not have any have any sabotaging or canceling thought that follows the first. If you can have pure thought after pure thought, you increase the number of combustion points. By passing the mark in 68 seconds of pure thought, you would have transmitted a positive energy of intention into the Universe.

4 Ways To Visualize For 68 Seconds Of Pure Thought


As in my previous post, I recognized that it may not be all that easy to have a succession of pure thoughts. Thoughts that go “I want a new car but petrol prices are going to kill me”, “I would like to go on a nice all expenses paid vacation but I am worried that I cannot take that many days off” or “I want a bungalow but I am concerned that my friends will know how rich I am and start to beg for money” are not considered pure. If you can just examine your thoughts closely for a day, you will know that you have many sabotaging ones!!

To have 68 seconds of pure thought will require focused attention. Hence, what will be most helpful are exercises that totally immerse your mind in the visualization process, with no or little opportunity to have a contradictory thought. Since my last post, I’ve come up with a few more ideas to add to my toolbox for a streaming 68 seconds of pure thought:

1) Create A Script.

I have previously shared the idea about creating a script for visualization and also provided an example of one. I learned it in an Advanced Silva Method workshop that I attended. Recently, while in the gym, I’ve also combined the script idea with tip #2 below.

2) Run A Mental Script While On the Thread Mill.

Here is how I’ve been doing it, while at my gym:

– I set the timer on the thread mill to about 20 to 30 minutes.

– I’ve already got a script ready in my mind. A suitable story will be one which builds up to the achievement of the goal in mind. It’s like putting yourself in a race, where the medal is right at the finishing line. If you’ve been watching the Olympic games, you should have no problems with this visualization.

– I start to walk, then jog and run on the fitness machine. As my feet picks up speed on the thread mill, I play the script in my mind. My story may not last for 20 to 30 minutes but I always end up in a glorious finish mentally, while the momentum below my feet is still going great. It takes a bit of work to time everything together. So if you like this idea, you may want to allocate more time to writing a suitable running script.

I have used all kinds of visualization scripts! You can add drama and details to make your story interesting. Going on the thread mill at the gym is also now more exciting for me!

3) Create A 68-Seconds Movie Clip.

You can also choose to do your own video clip. It’s easy to do one with using photos containing images of what you are hoping to manifest. In creating your movie, start with a storyboard. Do ensure that your clip lasts for 68 seconds or more and that it is entertaining enough for your focussed attention.

Don’t know how to create a video? Learn how to make a Mind Movie here or if you are too lazy to make one, download 6 free Mind Movies on attracting health, spirituality, money, a man, woman, friends and family. Play them a few times per day for good results. Here is an example of a Mind Movie!

4) Indulge In Creative Art.

If you are like me who can get “lost” in an inner world while doing art, then consider using this medium to engage yourself in at least 68 seconds of pure thought. You can cut pictures from magazines to create vision boards or work on an image editing software to create a nice picture. I use art in a variety of ways; one of which is with the use of my Photoshop software. You can view my last post for examples of pictures that I keep in my visioning portfolio.

Your Ideas Please?

Now, what works for me may not work for you. So let’s get your creative juices going. Would you have any ideas to add on to the above examples? What would be a great visualization activity for 68 seconds of pure thought? Or would you have a running script that will be suitable for the thread mill while you exercise?

The thing is to have fun in the visualization process. Remember the tip shared by Esther Hicks in today’s video: Avoid visualizing because you are wanting something out of the process but visualize because it is fun to indulge in your dreams!

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