Universal Studios Singapore Pictures for Vision Board

There was a certain buzz in the air which transported us to the many worlds of the Universal Studios Singapore. What a great way to anchor in the feelings of magic, of dreams coming true, love conquers all, the triumph of a hero and showers of joy by just soaking in the unique experience offered at each themed zone!

Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Shrek Castle
(Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Shrek Castle)

Indeed, during my first visit to Universal Studios Singapore, I took the opportunity to capture a number of photos which I believed would be useful for collages in the making of vision boards. I am publishing some of those I have taken for your viewing pleasure.

Universal Studios Singapore worked its charm on my family yesterday while we took a tour of its ground. As a fan to the power of imagination, creativity and play, I knew I just had to grab a first look. Sneak previews are available for this week before its official public opening a month later in March. Despite the announcement that rides would not be made operational, tickets sold out fast as soon as they were offered on sale. Most certainly, few could resist getting a taste before deciding if its entire course would be yummy.

Universal Studios Singapore opens
(Universal Studios Singapore Grand Opening)

Oh yes, not just my kids, I certainly felt myself bubbling with excitement. It is, after all, Southeast Asia’s first Universal Studio theme park. Throughout the long weekend, thousands thronged into Sentosa, an island off the main city island of Singapore, for the grand opening of the park and a casino. A little history here. The Singapore government in 2006 decided to allow the opening of casinos in order to generate jobs and to promote tourism. The consortium that won the job had incorporated the building of Universal Studios in its bid.

The park is home to the world’s biggest single collection of DreamWorks Animation theme park attractions, namely based on “Far Far Away” from Shrek and the island of “Madagascar” from the computer-animated movie Madagascar. These two theme parks got the thumbs up from my kids.

Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Castle
(Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Castle)

Universal Studios Singapore Magadascar
(Universal Studios Singapore: Magadascar Theme Park)

My elder daughter’s favorite is Ancient Egypt. While she has not watched The Mummy, she has often held an amazing fascination for all things Egyptian. Of course, if you have read my previous post here, you would know why.

Universal Studios Singapore Ancient Egypt theme park
(Universal Studios Singapore: Ancient Egypt Theme Park)

Universal Studios Singapore Ancient Egypt theme park
(Universal Studios Singapore: Ancient Egypt Theme Park)

We found out that there were many – such as, Pinocchio – before us who have already secretly visited the park!

Universal Studios Singapore Pinocchio

We will certainly go back for more when the park officially opens. We are looking forward to taking the roller coaster thrill ride, getting lost in The Lost World and taking pictures with Princess Fiona.

Universal Studios Singapore Roller Coaster
(Universal Studios Singapore Roller Coaster Ride)

(Universal Studios Singapore: The Lost World)

Sentosa Singapore

The wonderful part is that Universal Studios Singapore is also located on Sentosa, an island off the main city island. We spent the night at Siloso Beach Resort, set in tropical surroundings.

Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa
(Siloso Beach Resort overlooking the swimming pool)

No holiday, however small, can ever be complete without great food! Here is a picture of the Japanese lunch we tucked into just before returning home.

Japanese Sushi
(Japanese food for lunch)

I Express My Gratitude and Appreciation

Looking at the pictures connected me with a multitude of joyful feelings. Which makes reviewing them or including them in my vision boards great for visioning or personal NLP anchoring work! I also recalled how important it would be to express my gratitude and appreciation. So I created a slideshow as a record of my happy memories and as a form of gratitude journal on my laptop.

The last time I went to Universal Studios was in L.A. and that was ten years ago. My thanks now goes out to the Universe that I no longer have to travel far far away to experience fantasy, child-like wonder and happy feelings. While my travel dreams to various countries still remain intact, it is great that through Universal Studios Singapore, out-of-the-world experiences have now been brought closer to home.

May my readers and all continue to have their wishes come true!

Abundance always,

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Katie West/The Levity Coach - February 17, 2010


What great pictures! How magical….thank you. We are leaving for vacation in two weeks and your post reminds me to be intentional about what kind of vacation we want. Magical, playful and creative sound great!
And also I love the reminder to keep my dreams “out of this world” and and alive within me.
with blessings and laughter

Evelyn Reply:

Oh wow…a vacation? How nice! Wish I can go for a longer holiday! But guess, my time will come later this year….LOL!! Seems like we share the same thoughts about indulging in our dreams!

Have fun,

Nadia - Happy Lotus - February 18, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

That is wonderful that there is now a Universal Studios near you.

I love going to such places because it reminds us of the power of imagination and how everything always begins with a thought. Going to New York City has the same impact on me too. There is something about being surrounded in inspiration that just gets the creative juices flowing.

The pictures were beautiful and that beach resort looked divine.

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Nadia,

One of the themes in Universal Studios Singapore is New York City. I enjoyed it as well, though not nearly as much as Far Far Away Castle (I am a fan of castles, princesses and magic). And yes…with Universal Studios Singapore so close, I don’t have to travel that far to reconnect with that magical feeling! It is most certainly extra special on a tropical island.

Let’s say yes to our dreams!


Hilary - February 18, 2010

Hi Evelyn .. what lovely pictures .. and so great you made a slide show with the pictures you took. Lucky you – that you had a head start over the public and had a few rides too. What fun – the castle looks magical, as it should! I too loved the beach resort .. looks wonderful .. and the lunch looked too good – I’m hungry now.

Great ideas and so interesting for us to look around .. thank you.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Hilary,

I have to admit that looking at the pictures and slide show makes me feel that I lead a pretty charmed life! And I am deeply appreciative for the life experiences I had been having!

Much blessings,

Hilda - February 18, 2010

Me too, I’m hungry from looking at your yummy lunch! And that tropical island looks very inviting too. I’m currently putting a fair bit of energy into getting back into the abundance mindset, so thanks for the timely reminder to be magical and playful – I love it! πŸ™‚

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Hilda,

Bet it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to reconnect with the source of who you really are! Not just you, I am feeling hungry now by looking at my Japanese lunch picture today!

With love,

Hulbert - February 18, 2010

This is awesome, Evelyn. The universal studios there kind of looks like Disneyland. The anticipation must be great over there in Singapore; looking at your pictures kind of gave me that excitement of a kid going to a theme park for the first time. Hope you and your family has lots of fun during the grand opening. Remember not to scream so loud as to scare your children on the roller coasters. πŸ˜‰

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Hulbert,

I am a big kid….LOL!! Most certainly, I intend to go there again πŸ™‚

Abundance always,

javier - February 18, 2010

hello es javier de venezuela edo bolivar la noticia es bella y acojedora muy divertida y excelente para los niΓ±os por que los estudios universales son tan gradeosso que su divercion nson imprecionante mi telefono es :0285-6510026 o celular:04167872115,,,,,,,,adios felicidad

Julia - February 18, 2010

Dear Evelyn,

thank you very much for your beautiful sharing. its been sometimes i’m seeking way to express my gratitude to you. finally i realise that i can actually leave a comment here on your blog. Thank you very much, your sharing, it really inspire me & always remind me to take things easily. i’m starting to work on my vision board, surely will include the lovely picture on Universal Studio that you shared.

Love & gratitude,

Evelyn Reply:

Hi there Julia,

What a lovely lovely surprise! I am deeply honored to be graced by your presence on my site. Keep your inspiration going! All the best in your visioning!

Blessings of love and abundance,

Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice - February 18, 2010

Woah, loving the pictures Evelyn!

Those picutres seriously bring out the kid in me and make me think ‘I wanna go!’

I’m a huge Dreamworks/Disney/20thCFox animation fan and I would so totally be in my element there!

Evelyn Reply:

Hey Amit,

Looks like we share common interests πŸ™‚ Let’s bring the kid in us out to play more often!

With joy and peace,

Cheryl Paris - February 19, 2010

First off, thank you for sharing beautiful pictures.
I am delighted to see the pictures and I can just imagine to be there and experience the excitement.

Cheryl Paris Blog

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, do come and visit Singapore some day yourself!

With love,

Ang Ping Tjiok - February 19, 2010

What lovely pictures, Evelyn!
Thanks for sharing them. The Universal Studios there looks greater than the one in Hollywood.
However, it is inspiring me to visit with my family one day.
Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Ang Ping

Evelyn Reply:

Hey there Ping Tjiok,

You definitely need to visit it one day with your family. I have just read the stats on the number of jobs the theme park created. Let’s lend our support!

Abundance always,

Lance - February 19, 2010

What a wonderful and magical place to have so close to you. It reminds me of our visit to Disney World, and the magic we experienced in that place. To be transported into a fairy-tale world…to be there…and to experience it….with imagination and wonder is a real gift. Enjoy all your visits to this beautiful place…

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Lance,

I love Disneyland too. I get all excited meeting the princesses! Thank you for your warm wishes!

With love,

Chris Edgar - February 19, 2010

A vision board with sushi — now that is putting the Universe to some good use! πŸ™‚ That castle is pretty intricate, too — more so than its LA counterpart I think.

Evelyn Reply:

Hahaha….love your comment about putting the Universe to good use!! Let’s get creative and put it to even greater use by introducing more beauty and yummy treats πŸ™‚

With love,

Lisa (mommymystic) - February 19, 2010

Evelyn, lovely pictures (your daughter is adorable.) And I am with your elder daughter re: Ancient Egypt as you know, so those pictures pulled me right in. How lovely to get that sense of childlike wonder and play. Also, that sushi look yummy:-)

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Lisa,

Perhaps both you and my daughter should get together. My daughter chose to buy an Egyptian Hieroglyphics book from one of the shops at the theme park. Not sure what she intends to do with it. Churn out wall writings?

Oh yes….I get all childlike in Disneyland or Universal Studios πŸ™‚

With love,

Marelisa - February 20, 2010

That park looks awesome Evelyn. I can understand why you would feel excited and grateful there. πŸ™‚ It reminds me that I haven’t been to Disney World in a long time.

Evelyn Reply:

Marelisa, most definitely pay a visit to Disneyland! I would go often, if I am you!

With love,

Barbara Swafford - February 22, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

The castle is gorgeous. I can see why you’re drawn to it magical splendor. The whole park looks amazing as does the food. Oh, what fun you must have had.

Thank you for sharing.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Barbara,

What an apt phrase! Magical Splendor. I love it!

Abundance always,

Patty - Why Not Start Now? - February 22, 2010

Hi Evelyn – Just wanted to stop by to say thanks for your visit to my blog. Little did I know I’d find such delightful photos! So colorful. And the thought that they might go into a vision board is exciting. I’d love to see that! I’ll have to check out more of your site.

Evelyn Reply:

Hey Patty,

I can be pretty dreamy!! I have a thing for castles, beautiful gardens and unicorns. Having pictures like these connect me with joy. Great to put on my vision board!

With love,

Monica - February 23, 2010

Hi Evelyn! Your lunch is so beautiful, as is the special resort you stayed at. Your post reminded me how important it is to plan for special time where the surroundings totally inspire you. We have often discussed the concept of working 3 weeks and then taking 1 week off so that we can restore our energy on a regular basis rather than the typical once a year vacation. As home entrepreneurs, we can get a little too absorbed in our work! By coincidence, reading this comes on the same day we were invited to visit friends in Spain. Ohhh I can feel a plane ride coming!
Best wishes to you! It was nice to see a picture of your little one πŸ™‚

Evelyn Reply:

Hey Monica,

I love the idea of taking frequent breaks. It is true that we can get so absorbed in our area of work that we overlook the importance of rest and play.

Spain? How exciting! I was in Barcelona some years ago to see the Sagrada Familia and the other works by Gaudi. Thumbs up to saying yes to your friends!!! Have a fantastic trip ahead!!

With love and blessings,

Kaushik - February 25, 2010

Great pictures. It’s inspiring to be around all the imagination and the energy of joyous children!

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Kaushik,

I love the phrase “energy of joyous children”!! Indeed!

Abundance always,

John W. Furst - February 25, 2010

Seems like a good alternative for millions of people who are either too far away from Florida or have problems receiving a visitor visa for the USA.

Looks really great.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello John,

Most certainly, it will be a great alternative. Then again, it won’t stop me from visiting the ones in the States again either!!

Abundance always,

Wai Heng - May 11, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

Thanks for the photos & sharings!!! It’s really looks nice and fabulous!!!! I wish I can be there, but, the entrance fees is quite costly, S$72?
Also, will it be sufficient if we only spent one day trip in the Universal Studio?

Wai Heng

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Wai Heng,

I don’t think that the fees are costly, considering that you get multiple attractions within one theme park. Yes, I would think that spending a day will be sufficient.

Have a great time,

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