How Rita Went from Struggle to Empowerment and Spiritual Rebirth

I am so excited to be sharing a series of video testimonials from course participants of the Money Magnet Success group program. We have just ended the first run that started in April. I thought it would be nice to have the participants review about how they found the program after 10 weeks of working together. Here’s how Rita found her experience and breakthrough…

Transcript of what Rita said…

“Before Evelyn’s course, I was feeling depressed, confused and not sure where my life was heading. There were a lot of issues I needed to address. I had issues with money and relationships. I didn’t know where to start, in such a way to resolve these issues.

Evelyn’s Money Magnet Success workshop program offered me a lot of tools that I could use, that addressed a lot of the issues. After I entered into the course, I found that I was able to handle a lot of the issues that I was going through at the personal level.

And then towards the end of the course, my confidence had increased. I felt really empowered. I felt like I had stepped out of myself and a new person had come out of my shell.

It was totally transformative. It was such an amazing journey. I really recommended to any woman out there who’s looking at changing her life for the better. “

I was delighted to be able to guide Rita not just in addressing depression and boosting confidence. What is most awesome is the bonus of helping spark an awakening into spiritual rebirth.  She succeeded because she learned about taking charge of her life!

Then again, it’s not just Rita who has gained. I have gained richly by her valuable insights during the process and would like to publicly acknowledge her for her contribution. Thank you for your generosity and participation, Rita!

So what’s next for you? 

Would like to work on getting to and achieving a breakthrough?

How would you like to get from overwhelm and struggle to empowerment and rebirth?

Overcome your abundance blocks and gain the know-how to owning your manifesting abilities?

I have decided to start my next group program in July. It’s going to be a 10-week mentorship program where I help you work on your issues. Click on the image banner below to find out more about the Money Magnet Success Program…money blueprint promo

Align both your Spiritual and Financial Lives together

The block that most often comes up with many of my clients is that it is not possible to grow spiritually and financially at the same time. It’s a money block, if I must say. There’s really NO conflict in making more money while growing spiritually.

Should you have the same money block, I am interested to help you align both your spiritual and financial lives harmoniously. It will be great to mentor you on how you can integrate spirituality into your everyday financial and work life. In Rita’s case, she went through a spiritual rite of passage and emerged a much stronger person.

And if you don’t already know, I am on a mission to impact even more lives. It’s the reason why I am moving to offering group programs instead of solely serving private individuals. I’ve listened to many stories of depression, struggle and poverty thinking and from experience, I know that it is possible to overcome these issues. A turnaround is possible for anyone who is willing to be open and ready to do a deep dive.

Make 2017 a breakthrough year! Harness the power of 1 (2-0-1-7 adds up to the energy of seeding intentions). It’s also the perfect year to start your ideal business.

Check out the program details here and apply for a 30-min complimentary call with me for your questions.

Love and abundance always,


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