How to Overcome The Lack Mentality of Not Having

One sure sign of lack mentality is if you are constantly thinking “I am not having this” and “I am not having that.” Thought after thought is about by what is missing in your life. Even if there is a lot of good that is going on, your attention is placed on “not having”.

Law of Attraction Quote: Focus

A lack mentality is set to negative thinking by default. You automatically zoom in on the things that you do not have. What you already have is never good enough. Your fear is on falling short, limitation in resources and not enough to go round.

Then again, a lack mentality does not happen overnight. It is likely the result of past programming. It could be that when you were young, you were penalised for “not having” or “not good enough”. Fear is instilled in children even today.

An article in our local Straits Times on “How can 97 marks be not good enough?” (refer to the photo below that I took) had caught my eye. It was reported that pupils from an elite school were told that they failed to make the selection for the Higher Chinese class. 97 marks was the cut-off. Competition was stiff as spaces were only available to the top 25% of the cohort.


97 marks not good enough


For crying out loud, these children are only 7-8 years old. Well, this is Singapore’s pressure cooker education system for you *grimace*. Where constant, the drumming of “not good enough” or “not having” is going to affect their self-esteem and if not conscious, contribute to creating an unhealthy lack mentality later on in life.


Consequences from The Lack Mentality of Not Having

A lack mentality leads to energy leakage. You feel poor, miserable and stressed-out. It puts you in a state of contraction.

If you are mostly placing attention on “not having”, guess what? By virtue of the law of attraction, you are just going to attract more of “not having”.

A lack mentality cancels out any positive intention or wishes that you sent out to the Universe. The energy behind your doubt is more intense than the energy behind your dream. A lack mentality sabotages the manifestation of your dream. A lack mentality holds you back from success and making more money.

Law of Attraction Quote: Lack Mentality



How to Start Overcoming A Lack Mentality

Let’s face it. It would be almost impossible, to get rid of negative thinking completely or instantly. However, what you can do is to learn to redirect your focus. Then again, it is humanly difficult to do this by sheer will power alone if your mind is already ruled by fear.

To aid in the process, it helps to first release the emotional resistance caused by lack. You work on reducing the emotional charge. Once you are able to neutralize your negative emotions, you reprogram your mind with more empowering thoughts.

Sounds complex? Fortunately, you can achieve the above with the Tap to Transform Process. I posted a simple demo on Facebook Live…watch the video and tap along with me….



Tapping for lack and “not having”

Posted by Evelyn Lim Coach – Tap into Abundance on Sunday, February 5, 2017


Overcome Lack Mentality: Expand into Being

It does not serve anyone to hold on to lack and limitation. Ultimately, we need to learn that life is not a constant pursuit of  “this” or “that”. An excessive focus on acquisition is synonymous with ego attachment. It is hard to be happy because we will never be satisfied in the here and now. We become needy and clingy, as a result.

Let’s be aware that happiness rests less on our having but more on our being. In fact, it is our beingness that attracts what we want. The way to abundance is Be-Do-Have. Our actions (Do) flow from our Being, so that we can Have what we desire. The lack mentality of Have-Do-Be makes happiness (Being) contingent on the Having.

Overcome Lack Mentality with Better Feelings



To Be is to be connected with the soul essence of who we are. In the Being state, we embrace, love and accept ourselves unconditionally. We are in a flow of positive feelings. It is one of pure joy. We are in gratitude, in appreciation and awe; in the soul awareness that we will never fall short. We live in a universe of abundance and the universe of abundance is also in us. We are one.

In the tapping video above, I ended my session with some affirmations that take us into an expansion of our being. I invite you to tap and affirm them with me.

Finally, may I add that a lack mentality is not helpful for anyone starting a business or hoping to achieve a money breakthrough. If you would like to work on your issues with a deep dive, I will be glad to assist. Contact me here! 


Love and abundance always,


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Elle Sommer - February 7, 2017 Reply

Incredibly that children so young are being programmed to ‘not be good enough.’

Goodness knows there are enough critics and naysayers in our world without teaching our kids to be so ridiculously competitive.

Too bad they don’t give as much emphasis on co-operation…they would be adding to the world’s happiness, instead of giving children shame-making ideas about who they are. 🙁


Debbie Hampton - February 8, 2017 Reply

I had a lack mentality most of my life. That is not a fun way to live: always fearful and feeling anxious. It’s amazing to me that, in a period of my life where I actually have less of everything – material, relationships – I am more satisfied than ever and feel like it’s enough. I have merely changed my attitude.

You are so right hen you say it’s all a matter of where we place our attention.


Sandra Pawula - February 9, 2017 Reply

It was good to reflect on the theme of lack. I do have an abundance in life and I have a few challenges. You’ve reminded me not to over focus on the challenges! Thank you, Evelyn.


Zeenat Merchant Syal - February 10, 2017 Reply

This is a great article Evelyn! And the education system here in India is just as pressured as there….so I can completely relate.
xoxo, Z~


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