Use The Pink Bubble Technique for Creative Visualization

Imagine floating your fantasies wrapped in pink bubbles into the air and allowing the Universe to bring them in manifestation! Sounds like fun? Well, it is. However, more than just a game, engaging in the creative visualization exercise can apparently help give your dreams some lift.

Pink Bubble Technique for Creative Visualization
(Pink Bubble Technique – illustration from my personal art journal)

The pink bubble technique is something that Shakti Gawain, an internationally renowned teacher of consciousness, teaches. Shakti has facilitated thousands of individuals in developing greater awareness, balance and wholeness in their lives.

How to Use the Pink Bubble Technique

I have been floating and popping pink bubbles myself. If you wish to do the same, here are the steps for the pink bubble technique:

1. Sit or lie down and relax.

2. Close your eyes and focus your mind on your breath.

3. Go deeper and deeper into relaxation.

4. Imagine something that you would like to manifest and that it has already happened. See, feel and sense. Picture it as clearly as you can.

5. In your mind’s eye, place this vision or goal inside a pink bubble. Pink is the color of your heart. It represents your heart’s desire.

6. Let go of the bubble. Visualize the bubble floating off into the universe, containing your vision. Tell yourself that you are “letting go” of it. Allow the bubble to float around in the universe, attracting and gathering energy for its manifestation.

Activate Your Intention

The following are some additional steps to activate your intention that I would like to include:

1. Say “thank you” three times to the Universe sincerely immediately after the visualization exercise.

2. Have a sense of expectancy. Refrain from doubting if it is ever coming true. When you put an order to the Universe, do not question if it is going to happen.

What Are Your Pink Bubbles Wrapping?

In her book on Creative Visualization, Shakti says that you can visualize for just about any fantasy that you have. Certainly, if we think about it, it does not cost us a cent or anything to engage in dreams. So why not be bold and just stretch our minds? The possibilities are endless.

Pink Bubble Technique by Shakti Gawain

“A new perspective. A thrilling adventure. Chocolate oreos in my fruity ice cream. Life presents an array of possibilities for us to experience everyday!” — Excerpt from my personal art journal

Now, let’s hear it from you. Your own private island? A movie or book deal? Guest appearance on Oprah? A sustainable green world? What are your pink bubbles wrapping?

Abundance always,

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Eduard @ People Skills Decoded - March 16, 2010

Piiink? Can I use the blue bubble instead? :))

Colors aside, this seems like a good technique. I’m a very visual person so visualization is a good way for me to generate various emotions.

Evelyn Reply:

Well, pink is the color advised. Also it is the color of your fourth or heart chakra energy. Green is another alternative. Not sure about having bubbles in blue, though.

All the best,

Ryhen | Mind Power - March 16, 2010

Hi Evelyn! I’ve been here on your blog before, but it’s my first time to leave a comment. Your articles are really inspiring and I think you’re doing a nice job in giving people great tips.

Now, in relation to this post, I particularly like what you said in #5:

[[5. In your mind’s eye, place this vision or goal inside a pink bubble. Pink is the color of your heart. It represents your heart’s desire. ]]

Yep, pink is the color of Anahata (a.k.a. The Heart Chakra). Accordingly, we can also use green. Both colors are fine. My favorite color is brown which, unfortunately, the chakra system doesn’t have. So, I had to settle for yellow (my daughter’s favorite color) and indigo (the Brow chakra’s color). The visualization technique is really very powerful especially if we focus our attention and use it on these energy centers (chakras) of the human body. Each of these energy centers produce amazing effects on both the mind and body. However, if the technique for activating them is applied incorrectly, it may cause adverse/undesirable effects, i.e., mental problems (depression, anxiety, paranoia, derealization, etc.). Anyway, enough of that. lol

What are my pink bubbles wrapping? – Uhm… nothing in particular, really, but I kinda fantasize about seeing Adolf Hitler appearing as guest on Oprah. Hmm… I guess I’m just weird.

Have a great day!!


Evelyn Reply:

Hey Ryhen,

Glad to make your acquaintance! We appear to share similar interests. That is great!

Thank you for sharing about what you know about the chakras and their colors. Hmmm…I think the technique above is simple enough without activating the wrong chakras?

Adolf Hitler as Oprah? LOL! I guess the pink bubble technique is more about oneself rather than on others!

Take care! Will be checking out your site in a minute!


Taryn - March 16, 2010

Hi Evelyn – Just wanted to say that I am so in awe of your journal pictures. they are absolutely gorgeous!

Evelyn Reply:


Oh gosh…I wasn’t expecting anything said about my journal pictures. Thank you!

With love,

Lana - {Daring Clarity} - March 16, 2010

I read about this technique in Gawain Shakti’s book but never actually tried it myself. I’ll definitely try it now. I love the symbolic act of “letting go”. That’s really what’s stopping us from manifestation of everything we want – us not letting go. And I really like your additions to the technique. Thanks Evelyn!

Evelyn Reply:

Yes, I like the symbolic act of “letting go” as well!! Thanks and hope my additions to the technique helps give an extra boost!

With love,

Greg Blencoe - March 17, 2010


Thanks for sharing this creative visualization technique. It’s quite interesting that the desires are wrapped in pink since it is the color of the heart. I will definitely try this technique when I meditate in the morning.

It helped a lot to see the pictures in your personal art journal. This is a great way to focus on what you want. I’m sure you are very inspired every time you look at it.

By the way, I spent a summer in Singapore in college back in 1996 and absolutely LOVED it. If I lived outside of the U.S., Singapore would be my first choice. I’m really looking forward to going back.

Evelyn Reply:

Hi there Greg,

Indeed, I had the pink bubble technique in my art journal to remind me about using this very simple method. It’s great fun! And really, for a while, I kept seeing the color pink in a lot of places.

I am glad to know that you have enjoyed Singapore. It is getting more cosmopolitan, has a lot to offer to people from diverse cultures and nationality and is an excellent gateway to South-East Asia. Yes, do think about coming back when you have the chance!!

With love,

Tom Volkar / Delightful Work - March 17, 2010

I love visualizing because we are doing it all the time anyway. When we do it like you suggest here at least we are consciously choosing the vision of our futures. Default visions don’t create as glorious of outcomes.

Evelyn Reply:

Hi there Tom,

Your comment about “default visions don’t create as glorious of outcomes” is certainly insightful and very true!

To conscious creation,

Tess Bold Life - March 17, 2010

Way back in the day 15-28 years ago a best friend was arrested for shop lifting. As I lay on my bed one afternoon sick with worry that she would go to jail I used this pink bubble technique. The lawyer told her (I was with her) there were two doors in the courtroom. If she got probation she would be led out one door. If she went to jail they would hand cuff her and she’d go through another. Guess what door I put in the balloon with my friend?!?

In the end she received probation and mandatory counseling. She never stole another thing.

I would tell everyone this is powerful be careful what you ask for!

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Tess,

Thanks for sharing the story about your best friend and what you did for her. It is the first time I hear about an account of doing it for someone else. Great that it all worked out in the end!!

Indeed, “be careful what you ask for”! And also taking into account of Tom’s comment above, we need to be mindful about what we are creating and consciously choose the future we wish to have.

With love,

Yolanda Rodriguez - March 17, 2010

I do not think the color really matters.. The main thing is to trust that the Universe will be receiving your bubble and manifesting your request…The faith that you put into it is the main thing and since the heart is usually the place where we connect with emotions, pink seems like the perfect color. This technique works.. we create our existence by default without realizing it, be it positively or negatively …. we are creators and when we put our creative energies into our thoughts to create our dreams, they happen!!!! Then we call it miracles because we really do not understand the power that we have… We do not use the power of our brain to it’s fullest capacity, most of it is dormant….imagine what we could do if we would use it to the fullest potential, maybe that’s why in the Bible it says that if you have the faith of a mustard seed you would be able to move mountains…..We are powerful creators connected to the Universe, Our Creator, by an invisible cord..We are all branches from the same Tree….The Universe is at our feet, our wish is It’s Command…Put your dreams into those little bubbles and send them off to be not doubt it, give thanks for it because it’s in the making and it will be coming soon, expect with excitement and joy and when it comes..give thanks and marvel at your own power..because YOU created it..

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Yolanda,

Oh yes, perhaps the singlemost important ingredient for creative visualization to work is the intent and belief. When we work with the colors of the chakras as well, we are also harnessing their healing effects and powers.

Thanks for sharing very important lessons for us all! Indeed we are capable of creating miracles!

Abundance always,

Boris - March 17, 2010

Hi, Evelyn,
Thanks for this tip. I will try it definitely. It sounds fun and it might work!
All the best,

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Boris,

Give it a go! There is nothing to lose really! Add a dose of intent, belief and expectancy, you may just be on your way in manifesting what you want!

Abundance always,

zmajeva - March 18, 2010

Sounds like fun, I’m going to try it right now! 🙂

Evelyn Reply:

Haha…yes it is! Don’t forget to let go of the rose pink ones!


Daphne @ Joyful Days - March 18, 2010


You’re an amazing person. I’m so glad you shared your personal art journal here… very inspiring. And wonderful to read the blog of a person who actually practises everything she preaches!

Evelyn Reply:

Hi there Daphne,

Oh gosh…I am nowhere near being some kind of guru. Nor aspire to be! I just focus on taking a little step each day towards my intentions and moving to greater authenticity. I intent to hold the lamp up for myself. And maybe, in the process, it will also help with some light for others?

However, knowing that one of my life lessons is to also “receive” from others instead of harboring feelings of underservingness, I choose to accept your compliments graciously. From one amazing person to another, I wish you blessings of joy and love.

Abundance always,

Hilda - March 18, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

It seems everywhere I turn these days the Universe is sending me exactly the hints, tips and reminders that I need! I used to have this book but loaned it to someone who I’ve lost touch with, and I’d completely forgotten about this technique. I’m delighted to be reminded of it and I’m going to be wrapping up 13 perfect students attending my next meditation class 🙂

Evelyn Reply:

Good for you, Hilda! I am just wondering why 13? Is this a special number?

With love,

Hilda Reply:

I’m not sure Evelyn! I didn’t use to pay much attention to numbers, but I’ve started to lately, and 13 is grabbing my attention.

Ben Weston - March 19, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

This sounds like a really interesting visualization technique! What’s your experience with it?

I’m a big fan of visualizing your intentions and also of allowing yourself to let go of them. It’s curious how the two are put together in this fashion- especially with the pink bubbles!

Take care,

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Ben,

I use all kinds of visualization techniques; but this is by far, the simplest that I have tried and used. Sending out my intents in pink is something that I felt has worked for me.

Abundance always,

Hilary - March 19, 2010

Hi Evelyn .. what a wonderful thought .. pink bubbles – I’ll definitely try that utilising all the creativity visualisation I can .. with intention … it’s a great concept. I need this right now.

Bye the way – being out of the States is no restriction to one of Jannie’s CDs .. I got one .. so bubble up pink and visualise a Blue Bunny version scrabbling under the Oceans .. and who knows?!

I need a cheerful bubbly life ahead .. pink and rosy .. thank you .. Hilary

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Hilary,

Do give it a go! You may just be surprised by the results you can get! A cheerful bubbly life? I like the sound of it!

Abundance always,

Bake - March 19, 2010

Hey Evelyn
I enjoy the fact that this post deals with the use of color in visualization. I have a gemstone called Rosed quartz it is a pink gemstone. I might start visualizing with that stone in my hand to enhance the effect of what you mentioned here. Excellent post and great descriptions.

Evelyn Reply:

Great, Bake! Good idea to improvise or add on other techniques with the basic visualization method!

All the best,

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Chris Edgar - March 20, 2010

Personally I don’t visualize much because I seem to be more “auditory” and “kinesthetic” in my “internal representations,” to use some weird NLP jargon. 🙂 But I do imagine how things will feel sometimes, and that can prepare me to allow the sensation in if it actually comes along in the real world.

Evelyn Reply:

Hi Chris,

Great idea to work with what you are personally attuned to. It doesn’t mean that you cannot visualize, by the way!!

All the best,

B @ logos coaching - March 20, 2010

I love the sound of the bubbles and will definately try it. Techniques like this are so powerful and it is often amazing the results that happen. Am loving the journal pics too 🙂

Evelyn Reply:

Hello B,

Thank you for your feedback. I wish you much success with the method!

Abundance always,

Mr. Stupid - March 20, 2010

Hi Evelyn. Just found your Blog from a friend’s place. Maybe, this is worth giving a try. Though, I have never been good with meditation.

I had once taken up Yoga Classes. After 10 days of bad Yoga and yelling from my teacher, he confessed – “I am going on a vacation. So, please don’t attend my classes!”. Now, that was a kind way of telling “Don’t come!”

Anyways, I should give this a try too. I have read Pink always has a calming effect. So does Blue.

Have a wonderful day…:)

Evelyn Reply:

Hi there,

Oh yes, you do not lose a thing by trying! But you sure will lose a lot if you don’t start to consciously direct your life!

All the best,

Jessie - July 7, 2010

Hello, Evelyn!

I just found your blog last night and so far I love it!

I’ve heard of similar visualizing methods before but I really like this one. Only one question: Say you visualize you won the lottery or got a new puppy or something and then “let go” of the bubble. Does that mean you shouldn’t visualize it again next time you do the exercise? Or is it okay to visualize the same thing more than once?

Wishing you the best!

mark - September 11, 2010

hi Evelyn,

The more I explore your site the more interesting it becomes…thanks.

I am no stranger to creative visualization as i had some amazing results years ago through applying massive amounts positive energy ….it wasn’t until years later that I discovered what I had done and that it had a name.

Anyway, since then I have tried several methods/techniques but with almost no success, including [currently] daily written affirmations and the pink bubble technique. I realise that “simple” works, so I am a bit mystified as to why there are no results. Perhaps I am not “letting go” when I practice the pink bubble technique. Could you explain what letting go means

thanks, Mark

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