Your Spiritual Mindset: The Secret to Manifesting Success and Abundance

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What is Spiritual Mindset?

Until recently, I associated mindset with having a rah-rah ring to it. Perhaps it is because I’ve attended a number of mindset classes whereby success coaches would use highly masculine motivational tones for raising the energy levels in the room. “Yes, you can do it!” they would shout in a rallying voice.

Mostly, after the day of such events, I had observed that the energy spikes don’t last. They fizzle out. I would return to the same level of energy vibes as before and not much has changed.

After reflecting over, I would like to propose the idea of developing a spiritual mindset that is more sustaining and conscious instead. I’m sharing some of my thoughts below.

A spiritual mindset supports the intention to lead a conscious life. Now that you are awakening in consciousness, you would like to view life with a spiritually aligned lens. Usually people understand mindset as a set of beliefs or attitude. The beliefs let you frame the situation that you are in. They determine your perception, of how you see things. Whether you interpret things to be positive or negative, your mindset has a huge part to play in it.

A spiritual mindset is not just about having a set of uplifting beliefs. It also refers to a set of spiritual beliefs that influence your reactions and behavior. Your mindset is a frame of mind that helps you move towards a set of outcomes. Your beliefs are framed by your awareness of your spiritual nature. They guide you in terms of making conscious choices that support your growth.


Beliefs are made up of thoughts. When thoughts become conditioned and habitual, you define yourself by them and who you can become. They influence you at the identity level. Many people struggle because they fail to examine the beliefs that they had unconsciously created or made in the past.

Problems arise when they identify with mistaken ideas. If you are hoping to discover your true nature or find out who you really are (the “I” or “I am”), you will need to shed off the layers of untruths. These untruths are likely to prevent you from reaching your highest potential.


Which Mindset Ae You Having? Fixed or Growth Mindset?

Carol Dweck is a professor of psychology at Stanford University, who has done extensive research over the last 30 years on how thoughts determine success. She makes the distinction between having a growth and a fixed mindset.

In a fixed mindset, you believe that success is based on innate ability such as intelligence and talent. You see them as “fixed” traits. And so, you spend your time proving your intelligence or talent instead of developing them.

With a fixed mindset, you are inclined to believe that you cannot achieve success where you are not smart enough. If you believe that you are not born with the right genes or traits, you could decide to adopt a defeatest attitude because it is as if there is nothing that you can do to change your fate. As a result, you limit your learning and become unwilling to invest in your own growth.

Conversely, in a growth mindset, you believe that success is based on hard work, learning, training and persistence. Even if you have brains and talent, you understand that they are just the starting point. You have an “incremental view” that is behind your love for learning and an attitude of resilience.

In a growth mindset, your focus is less on the outcome but more on what can be achieved by taking part in the learning process. You also understand that no one has ever scaled great heights —not Mozart, Picasso or Michael Jordan—without years of consistent practice. You enjoy modeling success so that you can up your game.

What her research has essentially proven is this: Your altitude depends on your attitude!


Modelling The Success Mindset For Spiritual Growth

Mindset is something that all great CEOS, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and Olympic athletes know. They have mindset coaches to help them achieve higher and higher breakthroughs and they also surround themselves with mentors, peers and team members with a positive growth mentality. It’s how glass ceilings are shattered and new records are broken every other day.

If you are hoping to improve your success rates in life, perhaps you would like to consider working with a mindset coach who can help you out of a fixed mindset? Granted, I get that not everyone wants to reach worldclass success. But surely, you are hoping to work towards spiritual growth?

And so, consider developing a spiritual mindset with a growth mentality. I would like to propose this:  The Secret to Manifesting Success is having a Spiritual Mindset. Hence, develop a spiritual mindset that supports your soul growth and conscious evolution.


spirutal mindset secret


Develop a Spiritual Mindset for Manifesting Success and Abundance 

Spiritual mindset is a topic that I’d like to share more of. I have since found that developing a positive mindset as not an overnight thing. It takes study, reading, attending classes, integrating belief changes and upgrades in energy system on an on-going basis.

While it is not an overnight thing, note that it is possible to accelerate the process. There are energy or visioning tools that you can use. If you are interested to work on achieving a specific a financial breakthrough in a conscious way, find a spiritual mindset coach. Apply here if you are interested to work together.

I suggest working on developing your spiritual mindset incrementally, through a process of up leveling and alchemy. You make it a consistent practice and applying follow throughs in your every day life. And so, with a spiritual mindset, you incorporate mindfulness, directing your thoughts and with awareness about Universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction, Law of Karma, Law of Non-attachment and so on.

You work on integrating spirituality and with the power of a growth mindset, manifest the abundance and success that you desire!!

Love and abundance always,



Abundance Alchemy Coach
Spirital Mindset Mentor


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Cathy Taughinbaugh - August 22, 2017 Reply

Love the idea of “Your altitude depends on your attitude!” I know we can change our mindset and it often does help to have a coach or support along the way for support.


Debbie L Hampton - August 23, 2017 Reply

Such inspirational and valuable information, Evelyn. I love Carol Dweck’s research. It is great when science validates what we knew all along. Putting our mind to work for us is powerful!


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