Tapping Script for Self-Love: Overcome Self-Rejection

“The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power but self-rejection.” Henri Nouwen, Catholic priest, professor, writer and theologian.

Are there parts about yourself that you reject?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you find it hard to get past your imperfection or flaw?

Is this imperfection or flaw the reason why it is difficult to love and embrace yourself fully?

You may be hoping to be better, smarter, richer, taller or more successful. Whatever it is, there could be something about yourself that you are not happy with yourself. On the extreme, it can be a case of self-rejection.

Self-rejection is a major issue that affects many of us. I shared more about this issue in my book, Self-Love Secrets. We feel less than perfect due to this flaw that we are having. And so, we find it difficult to love ourselves fully. We say this: I love myself but _______. It is what follows the “but” that causes us self-sabotage.

Luckily it is possible to do some release work surrounding this issue. We are going to use meridian tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique.

tapping script for self love


Watch My Video on Tapping for Self-Love

If you had missed my Facebook Live Video which offers a tapping script for Self-Love, here’s the replay….


Tap for Greater Self-Love
Did you get some relief from the tapping for self-love video? I sincerely hope you did.


tapping for self love script


Should you still be having issues with loving yourself, it is likely that there is something in your past that is causing you to be stuck today. A childhood event or some traumatic memory can be causing you emotional disruptions even today. You play it over and over again like some broken tape recorder.

It is during some moments that you form limiting beliefs about yourself. Beliefs that are deep seated can hold you back from loving yourself completely and prevent you from living your best life.

Do contact me for assistance in working with deep seated belief and reimprinting of vision. The wonderful thing is: when you love yourself more deeply, you shine! You are in a better vibrational state to attract your dreams.


Take care for now.


Love and abundance always!

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Cathy Taughinbaugh - December 1, 2016 Reply

I’m learning more about tapping and all of its benefits, so I appreciate your post. It sounds like a wonderful resource. When I’ve tried it, it feels very relaxing, and as you mention a good way to address the limiting beliefs that some feel about themselves. Thank you for the information.


Evelyn Reply:


It is a wonderful resource. Thank you for being open enough to give it a try.

I first benefitted from tapping like 7-8 years ago. Applying it transformed my life in many ways. I’ve only demonstrated the basics. When we dive deep into the past of what has been holding us back, we are integrating a change in beliefs at the cellular level. I highly recommend the therapy as a way of dealing with our past or beliefs that are not serving us and keeping us stuck.

Love & abundance always,


Suzie Cheel - December 1, 2016 Reply

Love the graphics Evelyn- yes tapping for selflove is so empowering and can break those negative thoughts xx


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Suzie,

Thank you xoxo



Debbie Hampton - December 1, 2016 Reply

I have had a little experience with tapping in the past. I found it very relaxing and helpful. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder to try it again.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Debbie,

Yes, do give it a try again! I highly recommend it!



Elle Sommer - December 3, 2016 Reply

EFT is a fabulous resource Evelyn…useful for so many things and I love the way you shared your insights. Thank you. 🙂


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