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How to Release Emotional Pain with EFT Tapping

Are you in any emotional pain?

Was it due to some past traumatic event or situation that you can’t let go of?

Is there a long-standing physical symptom that also goes with your emotional pain such as a dull but throbbing heart ache, stabs on the back, weight on the shoulder or a paralysing sensation that numbs you on your hands and legs?

Or could you also be feeling emotional pain whenever you are tuning into the pain-body that is part of collective whole? Just think about the negative news that you have been reading….on all the senseless terrorist attacks, for instance. It’s been affecting you and everyone else.

release emotional pain with EFT tapping

Well….whether it is personal or it comes from being part of society, it is possible to clear the emotional pain such that the energetic charge is either gone or reduced. Even if you had been holding on to it for a long time.
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Your Spiritual Mindset: The Secret to Manifesting Success and Abundance

What is Spiritual Mindset?

Until recently, I associated mindset with having a rah-rah ring to it. Perhaps it is because I’ve attended a number of mindset classes whereby success coaches would use highly masculine motivational tones for raising the energy levels in the room. “Yes, you can do it!” they would shout in a rallying voice.

Mostly, after the day of such events, I had observed that the energy spikes don’t last. They fizzle out. I would return to the same level of energy vibes as before and not much has changed.

After reflecting over, I would like to propose the idea of developing a spiritual mindset that is more sustaining and conscious instead. I’m sharing some of my thoughts below.

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Spiritual Quiz: Do a Quick Soul Reading Here

Play the following Spiritual Quiz that reveals what your core soul essence is….

After writing the content for the Spiritual Quiz, I needed to test the entire clip to make sure that the slides run smoothly. Funnily enough, after testing it, I got the same answer twice ha…see below image…ha!

It’s great to receive the affirmation that I have been drawing on creative, playful and mystical energies (the “Unicorn”) when making fun quizzes! Continue reading

5 Signs of a Toxic Feast-Famine Money Cycle That Keep You Drained

Are you caught in a feast-famine money cycle that bring you into the highs of having lots of cash, followed by crashing lows where perhaps even paying the rent becomes a problem?

Feast-Famine Money Cycle of Entrepreneur
The money drama is almost like a thriller with treacherous peaks and valleys.

It keeps you engaged. Nail biting. Hooked.

Except that you are not watching a movie.

This is for real.

You are living it in high speed and great intensity.

And it is a drama on repeat.


The Entrepreneur’s Feast/Famine Money Cycle

The feast/famine cycle is what a lot of entrepreneurs go through.

There could be periods where life is great, clients coming in and you are spending cash like you are living in a lap of luxury.

Then, there are periods where no one is knocking on your door, the cash register is not ringing merrily and money is scarce.

It is a cycle because one period will follow the next and then back again – on autopilot.
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Your Soulful Mompreneur Guide to Balancing Business and Babies

Are you a mompreneur balancing babies and business at the same time?

mompreenur balance business


So how is life like dealing with family matters and running a business all at once?

Stressful, exhausting, overwhelming?

Hey, as a mompreneur myself, I understand.

In fact, ask any mompreneur and she is likely to tell you that it has been the same way for her too.

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Improve Your Relationship with Money: From Dating to Developing Intimacy

When you are just starting out to improve your relationship with money, it is possible to feel lost. You may not know where to begin. It’s not like you were ever taught how to change your money relationship in your school days.


What can be helpful is to imagine the relationship as one that is romantic. And so, the question to ask is: how do you bring more life to a relationship that is stagnant, unhealthy and a struggle?

“There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.” Deepak Chopra

Well, consider the different phases that a romantic relationship will go through; that is from dating to developing love and true intimacy. Next, draw on the understanding to apply it in the context of your relationship with money.

As you begin, here are 3 important reminders:

1. You already have an existing relationship with money, whether you have been previously aware of it or not.

2. You can’t exactly “divorce” money. You need to accept money, being a medium of exchange, as part of your life.

3. You will have to make it work somehow.


Improve Your Relationship with Money: The Dating Phase

Remember how exciting it can be when you are in the dating phase of a relationship?

Well, this is the phase when you are eager to find out more about the other party. You hope to get to know what your partner is like? What are his/her interests? How do you attract him/her into your life?

So, begin to date money. Go on long walks. It is when you start to ask fundamental questions:
– Who or what is this money energy?
– What is the cause of your sleepless nights?
– Who is this that leaves you hankering for more when its absence is felt?
– Why do you need money?

In other words, dedicate this phase to learning about what money is, how the Universe works and the Law of Attraction.


Improve Your Relationship with Money: The Doubt Phase

Somewhere along the way, doubts start to creep in.

From previous experiences, you begin to doubt if committing to more dates is ever going to work. You have not had a successful relationship with it before. Think about all the disappointments! How is it going to be different this time?

The opposite of doubt is trust. Trust means that you give yourself the permission to pursue an understanding of money. You trust that an understanding of money does not necessarily lead to an obsession of it. You can choose to take charge! It’s what you want. You want to improve your relationship with money. And so, you are willing to give a healthy and balanced attention to money, including your attitude towards it.


Improve Your Relationship with Money: The Struggle Phase

Both the doubt and struggle phases usually occur quickly after the blissful courtship period. The honeymoon period is clearly over! You are questioning more. This is when you start to confront each other about your differences.

Ironing out conflicts is key during this period.

What are your beliefs that are not congruent if you are hoping to attract money?
What is the money story that you are telling?
Is fear ruining your relationship?

This is the phase that calls for letting go of your fears and bringing more unconditional love in! If you have been mistaken before, you get to work on resolving conflicts. You clear your negative emotions and remove your limiting beliefs around it. You come to terms with it. You shift into better-feeling thoughts.

“Love is a verb. It’s an action requiring your involvement and your active participation. You cannot sit back and expect the world will serve it to you. You cannot expect that your relationship will continue to provide love while you’re not putting in any effort. Love has to be earned and must be continually fought for.” Stephen Covey


Improve Your Relationship with Money: The Commitment & Intimacy Phase

What is it like to be in a committed relationship?

This phase may appear to be boring. It is when things get repetitious and practical. It is when you dive into details.

The commitment phase includes learning how to manage money. It involves matters such as savings, investing, budgeting and so on. It means having to study and finding better ways to grow your wealth. You may also be consulting expert advice.

This phase is not necessarily dull when you start to reap rewards. You are developing true intimacy. You are learning how to manage your emotional reactions to money. With improved communication, you now speak the language of money. There is ease and confidence in the relationship. It is how you are able to raise the vibration of your relationship with money. It is bringing you plenty of wedded bliss! You are attracting more and more money energy love!!


Make Money a Friend

True love is about growing as a couple, learning about each other and never giving up on each other.

It’s the same when it comes to working on  improving your relationship with money. Develop greater understanding as you go through the different phases from dating to developing intimacy. As it is often said, Energy flows where focused attention goes. When you give a balanced attention to money, it naturally flows into your life.


improve relationship with money


It is up to you to create the relationship that you want. Be a great friend or partner and stand to profit from the healthy partnership you have with money! If you want to attract more money, improving your relationship with money is clearly a must.


Love and Abundance Always,



Next Steps

D0 share your thoughts about moving from dating to developing intimacy in your relationship with money below.

Also, if you like this post, do share it with your friends on your favourite social media platform. Thank you in advance 🙂

How to Get Out of Your Financial Rut Spiritually

Are you trapped in a financial rut?


trapped in financial rut


A financial rut is a repeated pattern that obstructs your way to abundance.
The heart of the matter is: the same old ways of being, doing and thinking leads to the same old results.


Then again, that you are in a pattern may escape you, even if it is repetitious.


Being in the rut can result in unclear vision. As I shared in the last article, when you are emotional overwhelm, clarity goes down. It can happen when you are in a rut. It takes awareness to realize that you are encountering the same pattern over and over again.

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What is Money Scarcity REALLY Teaching You

The perception of money scarcity does strike fear. For anyone in fear, it can be challenging to see what scarcity is potentially teaching you. Perhaps, you have been too caught up in misery or disappointment over your financial situation. I understand. Clarity diminishes whenever there is emotional overwhelm.


money scarcity


It’s very hard to will away the perception of scarcity. After all, limits are very much a natural part of our physical life. Just think about it, there is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in one minute. You have got to finish the work that needs to be done within a certain time frame. Then, there is also lifespans, ageing and the cycle of life and death. The physical world has some kind of built-in mechanism where conditions and limits are already preset.


Limits give rise to impermanence. Impermanence is also called Anicca or Anitya, in Buddhist teachings. All of conditioned existence, without exception is “transcient, evanescent, inconstant”. All temporal things, whether material or mental, are subject to decline and destruction. Thus, nothing lasts and everything decays of this physical world.

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Are You Spiritually Rich but Financially Poor?

Are you spiritually rich but feeling financially stuck or poor?

Are you finding that your financial life has not caught up with your spiritual growth and increased consciousness?

spiritual and financial abundance

You have been consuming spiritual books, trying out Reiki sessions and attending meditation classes and so you do know a lot. You may even have experienced vibrational shifts as a result of these. Yet, you have found it difficult to attract the money that you deserve.

Well, I’ve been speaking to some of my newsletter subscribers over the past 3 weeks. Typically, they share the interests of spirituality, law of attraction and personal growth. No surprises here, since these are the things I blog about.

However, what struck me was the energy of struggle or confusion. They had been finding it hard to integrate their spiritual and financial lives together, despite their knowledge.

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5 Consequences of Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Money

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?

love hate relationship with money question


For a start, the idea of having a relationship with money may seem new to you. It sure sounded foreign to me at first. Until one day, after being exposed to the idea from various channels for years, I finally understood it!


One great way to think of the relationship you have money is to draw analogies from the relationship you have with a lover, spouse or partner. It is also easy to imagine such a relationship if you have watched romantic movies and TV shows.



love hate relationship with money


Some of you may declare that you are “in love” with money. Or some of you may confess you are having such a difficult relationship that you resent the struggles you are in. It’s also possible that you describe your relationship with money as one of love-hate.
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