Are You Spiritually Rich but Financially Poor?

Are you spiritually rich but feeling financially stuck or poor?

Are you finding that your financial life has not caught up with your spiritual growth and increased consciousness?

spiritual and financial abundance

You have been consuming spiritual books, trying out Reiki sessions and attending meditation classes and so you do know a lot. You may even have experienced vibrational shifts as a result of these. Yet, you have found it difficult to attract the money that you deserve.

Well, I’ve been speaking to some of my newsletter subscribers over the past 3 weeks. Typically, they share the interests of spirituality, law of attraction and personal growth. No surprises here, since these are the things I blog about.

However, what struck me was the energy of struggle or confusion. They had been finding it hard to integrate their spiritual and financial lives together, despite their knowledge.

If it is the same for you, read on….

I get it. It is not as if you are exactly broke. You are not in dire straits but you may be experiencing a discomfort because you are seeing that there is not enough money in your life. It’s why you are having that….

* the Pit in the Stomach when you file taxes,
* the Sinking Feeling in the Heart when you review past year earnings,
* the Tightness around the Head when you are about to pay a bill,
* the Grey Cloud of Disappointment when you think about your money situation.

Chances are also, if you are reading this blog, you can’t be below survival rate. You are likely to be living in a fairly developed country with modern day living expenses: rent, food, family, health, internet connection etc.

What you could be hoping for is more BREATHING SPACE in terms of finances.

It’s likely the case that paying for family needs takes importance and you don’t have much left for fun. Traveling to the places you would like to go to is at best just a wish, not something that you truly believe that can happen. Revamping your wardrobe for better fitted clothes is an idea that can wait.

Your everyday buying decisions are also affected. You often deliberate over a $2 dollars difference when selecting which brand of cereal to get in the supermarket. Never mind if it means having to go for something that is not organic or has fructose in it. You set aside the choice that you would have made, if it weren’t for the money that you can save.


Clearing Your Money Energy

Money is not bad or good. Money is simply energy. You only mess things up when the intent behind money making is negative. But I strongly believe that it does not mean that you can’t live a life rocking with abundance.

I bet you are doing amazing work and that you have the ability to change the lives of those that you touch. You may not even be a spiritual practitioner, intuitive healer or personal development blogger. You may be a social media expert, real estate agent or branding consultant. It doesn’t matter!

You are simply someone who has had some kind of conscious awakening. You care for the people that you serve and you do excellent work. Yet, somehow, the idea of spirituality and being rich just does not sound right for you.

Well, something is off here.

Here’s the thing: you are NOT meant to struggle.  Your purpose is to live joyfully even as you serve others. You are meant to draw on your sacred gifts and natural talents to create an abundant life.

“A spiritual intention is a resounding YES to awakening to your fullest potential. It may include several of your life structures: mental, emotional, financial, relational – because there is no aspect of your life that is not spiritual.” Michael Beckwith


What’s Stopping You From Being and Having More

Let’s acknowledge that there is a lot of competition everywhere. Because of this, you may be tempted to offer your valuable service or give away your expert advice more than you should.

However, it is your RIGHT to make a living. You are offering transformation in the service that you provide. You have the experience, the insight and the skills to get your clients to a specific result. You are offering your expertise and you help people get to their results much faster than if they are to do it themselves. You lead the way for others and you impact lives.

So DON’T pretend that you do not care about the money, when you actually need it to pay for your bills or go for a needed spiritual break. Most certainly, don’t for a minute believe that you cannot charge what you are worth. It does not serve you any good to hide your gifts and play small either.

What’s more, if you are someone from the healing or transformation field, you may eventually feel like a fake if you can’t live the freedom and fulfilment that you often preach about. Yup, you are aware that you are incongruent. It may even explain your love-hate relationship with money.

Also, it is a fallacy to think that you ought to know better and not seek help when you need it! The moment you start to think that you ought to be able to help yourself when you have not been able to, is the moment you stop growing. Even if you are a medical doctor, you will still need to consult another doctor if you are not able to heal yourself.


Integrate Your Financial and Spiritual Life


spiritual and financial rich


Which leads me to… are far better off resolving that knot in your heart and embracing your divine financial aspirations.

To be able to inspire the people that you serve is to be a shining example of the transformation – even in the monetary aspect of things.


So here are 3 things that you can start to do:

1. Claim your self-worth. You have got to learn about receiving fair value of what you deserve. You can lead the way in showing that it’s possible to integrate financial and spiritual lives together. They are not separate!

2. Bust your mistaken beliefs. Work on the limiting belief that you cannot be spiritual and successfully rich at the same time, for a start. Just imagine how different life will be if you live according to your own rules and terms, rather than buy in to a belief that is outdated and untrue.

3. Take action. Just because you have been advised to slow down and meditate, does not mean that you no longer take action. You can sit in contemplation the whole day but if you don’t take action to follow through on your ideas or projects, nothing is going to change.

Grow Both Spiritually and Financially 

Are you an action taker? Do you have a growth mindset? If you are spiritual but find that you are financially stuck or can’t make your first money breakthrough, request for a 30-minute Money Attraction Clarity session to get your financial health back in order!

Successful people are action takers. They don’t wait for the perfect time, because there is none. They recognize where they are at and seek solutions quickly. They are willing to level up! They also believe that by levelling up, they can make the conscious choice of directing the money to causes they support. Knowing that they can make it back easily, they are also more willing to give and be generous.

Struggle is really not necessary; it is a choice that you can make differently. Have your financial life catch up with your spiritual progress right away! It is when you become clean that a complete spiritual and financial integration takes place.


Love and Abundance Always,



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