How To Ground Yourself In 7 Ways

“How to Ground Yourself” is a question that a reader to my blog posed to me. Well, it can be accomplished in a few ways. I would like to share my ideas in this article.

How to Ground Yourself

What Is Grounding?


The earliest understanding of this word is perhaps an order given by our parents that “we are grounded”. However, “grounded” as we know it in this situation, is negative because it is a punishment for kids in place of corporal punishment.

Another definition for grounding is building a strong foundation in knowledge and experience. When you receive a good grounding in a particular subject say, you are better equipped to handle more responsibilities or go for advanced study.
The Power of Breathing
Spiritually, grounding means grounding ourselves to Mother Earth. You establish grounding by using visualization exercises in sending of any excess energy back to the ground. Excess energy can be accumulated as a result of undergoing spiritual rituals. Hence, it is best that you learn how to ground yourself, so that you do not start to show signs of ungroundedness.


Signs of Ungroundedness


Ungroundedness makes you feel as if you are getting out of touch with reality. You feel as if you are not your normal self. The best terms to describe yourself include “being flighty”, “floaty” or “airy fairy”.


Taken to the extreme, ungroundedness can make you a Drama Queen; you exaggerate your problems, your imagination is in overdrive and you are particularly sensitive. Because you expend a lot of energy unnecessarily and inappropriately, you experience extreme exhaustion. Other indicative signs that contribute to an out-of-sorts feeling include being anxious, worried, restless or lethargic for no apparent reasons.


How to Ground Yourself: 7 Ways 


So how do you ground yourself again? How do you once again plug into Universal support from Mother Earth? Here are 7 ways:


1. Simple Grounding Exercise.


Being ungrounded happens when you are out-of-balance on the first chakra. For your understanding, your energy field has two “openings”. These opening are through the first (root) and the seventh (crown) chakra. The root chakra connects the body to the earth energy, while the seventh chakra allows Universal energy to flow in. When energy is blocked, you are unable to access the support of the earth and the higher awareness of your spirit.


A simple grounding exercise involves the visualization of yourself as a tree. First, close your eyes. Next, visualize roots growing out from your feet. “Extend” these roots through the ground and going all the way down. Anchor them at the center of the earth.


2. Meditation.
Meditation helps bring about awareness. You notice the subtle energy changes within your body. You know if you are out-of-sync or if you have become ungrounded. Practicing body awareness or “sweeping” meditation is also helpful.


You also bring your awareness into the now, rather than the past or the future. You are aware of your physical existence even while increasing your spirituality. If you are grounded, you are conscious of yourself, surroundings and earth. You develop a strong sense of being.

The Power of Breathing

You don’t have to spend hours in meditation. In fact, just half an hour a day is enough to expand your awareness. For grounding purposes, sitting on the floor, which puts your body (buttocks and feet primarily) in touch with Earth to meditate is a much better option to sitting on the bed.


3. Work With Soil or Clay.


Working with soil or clay helps in grounding. Simply touching earth helps. Gardening in fact is a wonderful grounding activity!


Working with clay adds an element of fun! I used to attend pottery lessons in a factory that manufactures earthern pots and clay plates. A simpler option is to take some children’s clay and play with it for some time.


4. Get Physical.


Physical activity also helps to remove any accumulated toxic energy in your aura. When you shift your energy from an overloaded mental focus to a physical one, you are able to clear away mental debris. A clear pathway in your mind allows for a magnification in your auric field.


Getting physical puts you in touch with your body. Where previously stagnant, life force starts to circulate in your body. You experience a sense of wellness throughout.


5. Connect with Nature.


Getting connected through physical activity does not necessarily mean that you have to join a gym. All it means is to allow your mind a chance to take a break. Going out by the ocean or just being in nature is a wonderful way to revitalize.


While outdoors on the beach or in the park, you may also wish to consider taking off your footwear. Experience the sensation of Mother Earth beneath the soles of your feet and feel the gentle breeze on your hair! Enhance the cleansing effect by breathing deeply and being present to the moment.


6. Eat Grounding foods.


According to Ayurvedic Medicine, there are grounding foods that you can eat. Grounding foods include those that come from the ground. Hence, these will be foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and ginger. Other grounding foods include avocado, mango, papaya, grapes, olives, berries, coconuts, figs, melons. Vegetables include green beans, egg plant, and yams.


For flavoring your food, use warming spices such as ginger, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and cloves. A dash or two of fennel and/or sea salt into your food will be great! Drinks should be warm and not cold.


7. Use Crystals For Grounding.


How to ground yourself with crystals? Different crystals can help you ground in various ways. For instance, Obsidian is a volcanic rock, which is black and opaque. Its properties make it excellent for blocking energy and suitable for people who are hypersensitive. Other grounding crystals include Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Jet.


To pick out the most suitable rock for yourself, seek the advice from the owner of a crystal shop or outlet. It may also be the case that you find yourself drawn to a particular crystal.


Simply hold the crystal in your hand and imagine any unwanted energy flowing out of you and into the crystals. Occasionally, put your crystal on the ground to drain and clear it of its negative charge. Putting in a dish of sea salt overnight apparently helps too.




It is possible to neglect taking care of the physical “homes” for your spirit. Becoming grounded helps you in re-balancing energy. With excess energy being channeled to the ground, you also become better activated in higher awareness. In fact, those who do a lot of energy work should perform some energy grounding.


Doing the exercises in this post is also a good practice for those who have simply become ungrounded. Your mind becomes sharp, clear and focused. Creativity also goes up in the process. With less mental noise, you are much better able to “catch” inspired thoughts whenever they arrive from your guides or angels.
The Power of Breathing
Share Your Ideas For Grounding


What do you do when you feel out-of-sync or “spaced out”? How do you ground yourself? Do you take a break, go to the park or do any form of grounding exercise. Do share your ideas!

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