Aura Colors Test: What Christmas Color is Your Vibe

Aura Color Christmas

Aura colors vary from one person to the next, in its hue, width and so on. They offer information about your overall well-being. From a reading, it is possible to obtain energetic information about your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states. It is in the variations that provide a more accurate reading.

All living things radiate aura colors. Not everyone can see them….except for the gifted few. The gifted ones are able to access the auric fields to perform energy healing.To put it simply, the auric field is the electromagnetic field which surrounds your human body. Energy healing may be done to correct imbalances in your energy state that affect your wellness.

To find out what aura colors you vibrate, you may wish to get an aura photography and reading done. Alternatively, do the Aura Colors test below. It wouldn’t be the same as getting an aura reading done, but you can find out which aura color you are vibrating through a quick quiz.

When I first had an aura color reading done years ago, I was surprised to learn that the photo of my aura was not comprised of just one color. For most people, it is typical to have more than one anyway. What could be helpful to know is that there will be usually one predominant color. Its predominance represents the energy frequency that you most vibrate in.

Interested to do the quick Aura Colors test? Take the quiz below. Find out what color you are vibrating and its meaning. What makes it fun is that this Aura Colors test has a Christmas vibe to it 🙂

What is Your Aura Color? Share your answers below.

Love and abundance always, 
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Alchemy Coach

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