The Holographic Universe: 12 Keys for Higher Awareness

“It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality. It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different view, a different reality. And that other reality can explain things that have hitherto remained inexplicable scientifically: paranormal phenomena, synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events.” – Karl Pribram in an interview in Psychology Today

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Believe it or not, the universe itself may be a giant hologram constructed in part by the human mind. If this is true, this has vast implications on your perspectives about life. I have been reading The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot in a classic book that connects science and spirituality. Through the concept of a holographic universe, he is able to give many plausible explanations to psychic phenomena and paranormal experiences.

Because the book is jam-packed with information, it took me several hours to decide on what to highlight in this review. I realized that I am not able to provide adequate coverage in just one article. Hence, if you are a skeptic or someone who needs scientific proof, read The Holographic Universe for the details. In his book, Michael Talbot quotes many studies as well as real-life experiences.

What Are Holograms?

For a start, let’s understand what holograms are. Holograms are three-dimensional images projected into space with the aid of a laser. This definition means nothing until you can visualize them yourself. And so we turn to sci-fi shows to help us with the understanding.

The movie Star Wars offers a great illustration. Standing before Luke Skywalker, a beam of light is projected out from the robot R2D2. The beam of light turns into a virtual three-dimensional image of Princess Leia that delivers a request for assistance. The image is a hologram.

hologram in star wars

Prior to reading this book, I have not previously learned about the concept of holograms in school. I also realized that my knowledge is severely outdated since this book is first published in 1991, a year before Michael Talbot‘s unfortunate death at the age of 38. Through reading this book, I have been astounded to discover that scientists or at least those involved in the studies of quantum physics, have already saying that the universe itself is a giant hologram, for a few decades!

The Scientists Behind the Theory of the Holographic Universe

The work of two of the world’s most eminent scientists are credited in this book:

1) University of London physicist David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein

2) Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University and author of the classic textbook, Languages of the Brain.

Due to their pioneering work, many other scientists have also been inspired to conduct further studies.

The most amazing thing from the understanding of the holographic model is that it made sense to a wide range of phenomena where there are no logical explanations. These include telepathy, precognition, out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, feeling of universal oneness, parallel universes, lucid dreams and psychokinesis (or the ability to move things with your mind). You can read about the various studies for each type of experience in the book.

Understanding A Universe that is a Holographic

The understanding of the holographic universe gives new meaning to the famous poem by William Blake:

To See the World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold the Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

Like the thumbnail of a larger picture, every small part of the universe contains the image of the whole. Every cell in your body enfolds the entire cosmos. And following William Blake’s poem, so is every grain, flower and the palm of your hand. (Incidentally, this also explains why palm readings are maps to your soul).

Body. Every part of your body, including your brain, is a hologram. No single cause-effect relationship can be really separate from your entire body as a whole. Taking western medicine alone may address your symptoms but does not cure your body. Hence, you cannot heal your body without considering holistic aspects. In one example, it is shown how the ear or the feet is a hologram of the whole and how acupuncture in these areas can affect the rest of the body.

Body-Mind. The holographic model explains the drug placebo effect. Apparently, the brain cannot distinguish what is real and what it conjures while imagining reality. And so what is more important is the power of your belief: do you believe that you will be healed? If you do, it becomes possible to negate the effects of drugs, heal wounds, melt tumors and override your genetic programming instantly.

Consciousness. The material universe is only a projection, a creation of veiled consciousness. The Hindus say that the universe is transient and unreal or “maya”. Thus, the physical reality that we know of is merely a small part of a vast and sentient nonphysical cosmos. The same thinking also applies with the Tibetan and Zen Buddhists, Judaism and other traditional spiritual/religious schools.

In a view that I share, Michael Talbot also goes on to say that there are also other realms of existence that we move on to, after we die. Ultimately we are to return to source. Physical reality is not the original source of being. Human consciousness is just part of the ocean of consciousness that is timeless, spaceless, infinite and eternal.

Spirituality Based on Science. I am now thinking that science has a lot of catching up to do. Apparently, the concept of a holographic universe is nothing new.

Twelve century Sufis concluded that “the macrocosm is the microcosm”. Egyptian prophet Hermes Trismegistus said that one of the key universal understanding is “the without is like the within of things, the small is like the large.” The medieval alchemists summed this in a motto “As above, so below”. A ton of spiritual teachings have already talked about the microcosm-macrocosm idea for eons.

12 Keys for New Understanding

Through reading The Holographic Universe, I would like to summarize and conclude in 12 keys on how an understanding the holographic nature of the universe empowers us:

1. We realize that we have the power to change our life by altering our beliefs.

2. We have the power to heal the internal parts of our body through studying the external parts. What is out there is also within every one of us, down to the cellular level.

3. We approach well-being in a holistic manner.

4. We are more willing to let go of our conditioned thinking and ideas for we realize that reality can be an illusion after all.

5. We have the ability to change reality simply through observing and participating in the process.

6. We no longer view psychic phenomena as something out of the ordinary or unbelievable. Just because something is not proven in a lab, does not make it any less true.

7. Since we are really holograms, we are capable of experiencing all psychic phenomena such as remote viewing, telepathy and quantum jumping.

8. With a thrust into higher consciousness, we become open to information such as UFOs, aliens and other forms of existence.

9. We live in a world that is connected – not fragmented. To solve a problem in isolation without consideration of the impact on society will not work effectively.

10. We awakened to the idea of a universe that is made up of frequency, rather than something that is made of solid objects. (Those who subscribe to the Law of Attraction will agree with this key!)

11. We realize that consciousness in all matter is in various degrees of enfoldment and unfoldment and that we ourselves are in a continuum of mind and reality. In fact, Bohm describes the universe not as a hologram but as a “holomovement”.

12. Essentially, we are on a journey of illumination, one that allows us to realize our basic nature and one that brings us home. My book, Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold, shares about this as well.

If you have been holding on to outdated views, it is time to be awakened to something more. To begin with, read up on the case studies in Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe and make an assessment.

“Sit down before fact like a little child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to whatever abyss Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.” – T. H. Huxley

With the ascension date of December 21 2012 approaching, let us participate in the shift more fully. Potentially, embracing the idea of the universe as a hologram containing both matter and consciousness in a single field helps us unlock the 12 keys into higher awareness.

With much love and abundance always,

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Kimbundance - December 11, 2012 Reply

Hi Evelyn, I’ve heard about this very briefly from one of my friends and thought what an amazing world we live in.

I especially resonate with embracing the idea of the universe as a hologram containing both matter and consciousness in a single field. I believe that all things and people are connected in some way and only if we knew that, imagine how much love we would be able to spread towards one another.

I’m so glad you shared this, I’ll be sure to share it to others as well!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Kimbundance,

It’s great that you have talked about this with your friend and that you resonate with the idea very much!

Thank you for sharing my post!

With love,


Lisa - December 11, 2012 Reply

I bought the book today after reading your blog. Thanks!


Evelyn Reply:

Great, Lisa! Hope you enjoy the book!

With love,


Jules - December 12, 2012 Reply

If you read up on Hermetic Philosophy, the Laws described in there are along a similar principle to the Holographic Theory. There is another quote that says ‘You are the Universe experiencing itself as human for a little while’ – which accurately captures the essence of this.

Love the post Evelyn!


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Jules,

Thanks for pointing about Hermetic Philosophy. Coincidentally, I have a book on Hermetic Philosophy in my library. I have not read it yet. I usually have a couple of books waiting for me to get to LOL! With your reminder, I will definitely get to it!

I enjoyed the quote very much. How succinct and true!!

Love and abundance always,


Steve - December 12, 2012 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

What a great post. I’ve heard of the idea of a holographic universe before so I was kind of familiar with it before reading this. You put a lot of information out there that I didn’t know about before though. I had no idea that holographic model could explain the placebo effect. I can see how it might. The effect has been hard for people to explain and it seems that the belief you’ll be healed is what’s making it work.

I watched a documentary where the holographic universe was mentioned by some scientists. One said that the theory was really complex and hard to understand. From what I know about the theory, you explained it really well. Very informative.



Evelyn Reply:

Hi Steve,

I am happy that you have found this post informative. Thanks to Michael Talbot’s book, holograms are not so difficult to understand. I have definitely found it interesting that the idea of holograms explains many of the spiritual and psychic phenomena that we hear of.

I decide to lay the information out in 12 points for readers who have no time to read the book.

Love and abundance always,


Galen Pearl - December 13, 2012 Reply

I never heard it described quite this way, but oddly, this makes perfect sense to me. In fact, it makes more sense than many explanations we have of the world around us. It rings true. Thank you.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Galen,

It is great that you resonated with my post. Glad to provide useful and helpful information!

Love and hugs,


3 A.m - October 4, 2014 Reply

Rather nice post. I merely stumbled upon your website as well as needed to express that We have actually treasured exploring your website discussions 3 A.m. Naturally I will be signing up in the rss so i do hope you produce all over again in the near future!


C.M. Fielding - April 8, 2015 Reply

This is something friends and I have been discussing for years. I certainly think that there is a spiritual hologram. Hopefully with the restart-up of the Haldron Collider there will be some definitive answers for humankind.


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