10 Depression Symptoms: Warning Signs to Look Out For

“Depression is the inability to construct a future.” – Rollo May

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It is normal to feel blue every now and then. However, depression is more than just the feeling of sadness. Depression puts you in an extremely low mental state of being. You leak energy. Over an extended period of time, you lose the ability to function well. You are not able to perform even the most routine tasks. You shut yourself in a cave.

When sinking into despair becomes severe, it can turn into clinical depression. In extreme cases, depression can drive a person to suicide. This was what happened to our friend, Arch, just about a week ago.

There are some things that can be done to prevent depression or a state of misery from escalating. I say this, upon reflection from my own experiences and events leading to Arch’s death. For a start, it helps is to gain self-awareness about the warning signs of depression.

There had been periods in my life when I was in deep suffering. I felt as if I was in darkness, where there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, I had enough awareness that I needed help. I was also lucky to be surrounded by loved ones. Eventually, I experienced a turnaround and it was what led me on my path of healing.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression are many and include the following:

1. Sense of hopelessness. You are not able to imagine or find a way out of your problems. You perceive a bleak future.

2. Feeling victimized. Feeling victimized, you go “why me” over and over again in your head. You feel powerless about changing your situation.

3. Intense self-loathing. You direct intense anger inwards. You are in complete rejection of yourself. You feel unloved and unlovable.

4. Feeling of emptiness. You cannot figure out what the purpose of your life is. You experience a loss of meaning in life.

5. Negative perception. You perceive life bleakly. Unable to see the rainbows, you view life as primarily one of intense suffering.

6. Loss of energy. Leaking energy, you are running on an empty tank. The sense of lethargy is overwhelming.

7. Inability to concentrate. You are not interested in anything or everything. You are not able to focus on what is important, such as getting your work done.

8. Reckless behavior. You have got ill regard for your well-being when you turn to drugs or driving recklessly.

9. Emotional struggle. Your ego is in a state of struggle. You find it hard to accept your situation as it is. You feel stuck. Every little trigger sets you off. You go into a rage. You are highly sensitive to what you perceive others are saying about you. You are vibrating shame, anger and resentment.

10. Social withdrawal. You decline invitations to social outings. You have got plenty of reasons and excuses why you should not go out. And so you choose to live like a recluse. While in your cave, you are engaged in debilitating and negative self-talk.

Get Support From All Areas

What is to know is there is no shame to finding help. Learn to set aside feelings of embarrassment. It is better to get assistance early before things get out-of-hand.

If you find yourself or anyone whom you know as having signs of depression, don’t wait to take action. Use a combination of ways for getting support such as:

Physical Help. Avoid bottling your anger. Silence is not golden when you are waging an internal war with your emotions. Use talk therapy. Talk your issues out with a family member or loved one.

Mental Help. Most people experience just a single depressive period or two in their lifetime. However, in cases that are major, depression can be a disorder that is recurring and debilitating. It may also warrant medical treatment. It is, therefore, very important to seek appropriate professional help. Ask your doctor for advice or referral to a specialist.

Emotional Help. You can nip depression in its bud by gaining emotional mastery. Gaining emotional mastery enables you to cope with stress and to bounce back much faster whenever you are feeling blue. For a safe way to release your anger, frustration and sense of hopelessness, learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). EFT is an excellent self-help tool that you can easily apply on an everyday basis. For deeper traumas, you can also consider engaging the services of a life coach or an energy therapist to help facilitate your healing sessions.

Spiritual Help. Lastly, not just asking for support from loved ones, ask for assistance from God or from your spiritual team. Where the situation looks bleak and you have no idea how to solve your problems, consider surrendering them to a higher power. Who knows? You may be pleasantly surprised. On my end, I have found that where faith is alive, miracles happened.

Love Yourself Unconditionally

I wrote Self-Love Secrets because I realized that many people do not know how to love themselves. It was written after I received more than 1,000 emails from people around the world. From these emails, I gathered that many suffered from depression and intense self-loathing.

Most certainly, I believe that if we can just learn to love ourselves, we can lead much happier and fulfilled lives. We have dreams of being rich, but the path to true abundance is not just from making money. In fact, the path starts with self-love.

All the more, if you suffer from depression, self-love is something you absolutely need to look into. Hence, get assistance right away!

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