Remove Abundance Blocks With An Akashic Reading

Are you having problems with manifesting abundance? Physical abundance can be in any form, including love, friends, resources and perhaps the form that most eludes many – money. As the Law of Attraction says, like attracts like. And so, you have put in long hours at working on your internal belief system, religiously followed the advice of life coach, and repeated affirmations daily.

Manifesting Divine Abundance

May the following situations be true for you?

Your financial situation is constantly in bad shape, no matter how much work you put in.

Opportunities don’t seem to be coming.

You just find it hard to trust that the Universe is abundant, no matter what spiritual teachers tell you.

You keep reverting back to your old beliefs, despite having tried reprogramming your mind via hypnosis, reframing and emotional clearing.

Something just keeps turning up that sabotages your path to success.

You keep attracting what you don’t want.

It just seems that no matter what you do, nothing in your circumstances appear to have improved. You are constantly in struggle, feeling stuck and overwhelmed with the ton of problems that never stopped happening.

Hence, you are about to reach a decision.

You are about to claim that all the personal development or Law of Attraction stuff is a farce!

Well, don’t – just not yet!

Ask yourself:

– Have you tried investigating if there are deeper root causes to your inability to manifest abundance?

– Could you be having blocks at soul level?

-Could there be blocks that exist beyond the third and forth dimensional levels?

Soul level blocks occur when you are out of alignment with divine abundance. They are obstructions that prevent you from manifesting what you want easily in the physical dimension. They are like “unseen” impediments that stand in your current life path.

Now, in case you are mistaken, a 100% alignment with divine abundance does not guarantee you would be able to manifest things with a snap of your fingers. You still need to follow through with inspired actions. Being on the physical plane does require physical actions. Your soul has incarnated on Earth to ground the energies of your creative desires. In fact, the greater you work through your life lessons, the greater your ability to fulfill your purpose magnificently.

You can make changes at the mental, emotional and physical level, that’s for sure. However, what if blocks exist at a level beyond these? What are possible blocks, by the way? Well, they can possibly include poverty vows that you have made in past lives, chakra imbalances, unconscious patterns that you have adopted from collective consciousness, soul-level agreements made that have outlived its purpose and subconscious imprints.

What Are Akashic Records?

To know whether they exist or not requires a reading into your akashic records. Don’t know what akashic records are? Well, I have just republished the video introduction that I made some time ago….play the updated video here…

Introducing: Abundance Alignment Akashic Readings

A while back, I took a hiatus from doing akashic readings in order to focus on other projects such as writing my book, Abundance Alchemy. Now that my major hurdles are out of the way, I asked myself what more I could do to assist people who face difficulties with creating more abundance in their lives. And so, I have decided that I would like to help those with challenges in manifesting abundance, a likely result of having blocked channels to divine source.

I am making available 5 spaces every month for Abundance Alignment Akashic Readings. For each reading, I will be going through a checklist of blocks; about 7 to 10 items. Please note that this reading does not come with a soul profile or history. In other words, you will not be finding out what your soul group of origination is or what your angelic realms of training are; amongst other basic information.

Instead, what you will receive is clearing work being done for you and a report on the findings. For a start, the introductory public launch will be offered at US$195 US$155 per reading. If you are interested in this service, please click here for more information or to place your order.

Latest Testimonial

I did a private launch to my subscribers last month and received the following unsolicited testimonial from one of my clients, who had purchased an Abundance Alignment Akashic Reading….

“Thank you for sending me the Akashic Secrets reports. I’m very grateful for the amount of work that you’ve put into my reading, and in the preparation of my report. I can understand how exhausting the exercise must be for you, so I’m all the more appreciative of your efforts. Thank you for offering this service, which I believe to be an important and valuable ‘tool of insight’ for us all.

I have read my report a number of times, very carefully, and I wanted to become more familiar with the knowledge you’ve provided, before contacting you about the report. I was especially touched by the 21-day ‘homework’ prayer ritual-exercise you’ve sent me. The ideas within the prayer very much mirror many of my spiritual requests as it is…but to have them articulated in such a precise and clear manner – and with so much expertise – is very valuable for me, and I enjoy very much my ‘homework’.

I wish you continued success – on all levels – with your life, Evelyn. I’ve enjoyed very much being a part of your Abundance Tapestry family, and it’s been such a motivation to watch you grow in empowerment, to create your life, in the way you have over the past weeks and months. Your weekly online emails are incredibly useful. I love the clarity with which you write, and the originality and practicality of your ideas towards abundance.

Bless you, dear Evelyn. And thank you again for the opportunity you’ve given me to continue to grow in this life.

Love and light to you.”
– Margaret O Connor, Ireland

Thank you, Margaret, for sending me the feedback. I wasn’t expecting any but was most delighted to receive it 🙂

My clients are from all walks of life and all over the world. They are from professions such as life coaches, energy therapists, online entrepreneurs, accountants, writers and so on. No matter where you are located or what you work as, so long as your soul gives me the permission to, I should be able to read your akashic records. If not, I refund you your money – 100%!

If you would like to read more testimonials, you can find them on my Akashic Secrets site.

Shift Into Alignment with Divine Abundance – Now

When you shift into greater alignment with divine abundance, your ability to manifest abundance in the physical dimension is enhanced. You are plugged into universal consciousness. You encounter fewer difficulties in grounding your intentions at the third dimensional physical plane. And you find it easier to attract ideas, inspiration and resources for manifesting financial abundance.

If I have excess time, it would be nice if I can offer more clearing services. However, because I enjoy blogging, coaching and doing other creative projects, I can only apportion that much time to do readings. My recommendation is not to hesitate, if you wish to take advantage of the limited spaces available. The 4 spaces that I made in the private offer to my subscribers just two weeks ago were snapped up within 12 hours.

You clear the blocks that exist at your soul level at this point in time. It might be the missing step that will result in a vibrational shift to the next level of your “attracting” power.

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Abundance always,

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